Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Spring!

Last night, just before bed, Nathan and I remembered it was the spring equinox. I'd always heard that you can balance an egg on it's end during the equinox - something about the day and the night being the exact same length - so we decided to give it a try. We attempted a few times, with a few different eggs, in a few different spots on the floor and the counter. All the eggs fell over. I decided the equinox was a liar. 

This morning, I learned that you can actually balance an egg any day of the year, with a little practice. The reason most people think it's only possible during the equinox is that this is the only day of the year most people bother to try. 

Lesson of the day: don't try to balance an egg on the equinox, or any day of the year, after you've had a bottle or so of wine. You'll take a photo, put it on the Internet, yell about how the equinox lied to you, call your chickens defective, and look like a lush. 

Lesson learned.