Wednesday, May 21, 2014

12 Insanely Easy Ways to Fail

As you may or may not recall, I had some resolutions for 2014. Actually, I had 12 of them - I was going to take on one challenge each month, six which I'd already meticulously mapped out, the rest which were yet to be determined. 

In January, I was going to hydrate and meditate, and we all know how that turned out. In February, I was going to either send a card or call someone every day. I think I only called Ella (in my defense, we talked for three hours) and I sent about four cards total. I thought about reading for thirty minutes a day in March, really I did, but I was slogging through Cold Mountain for book club and I'm sorry but I did not like that book AT ALL. And April was supposed to be Yoga Everyday, which I actually probably came pretty close to, except I don't think I should count it because I wasn't even aware that was the goal on the table. As it turns out, I gave up on the whole enterprise sometime in mid-February.

This is usually the point where I roll out a list of excuses. I was graduating! I was job hunting! I was trying to finish my thesis! I had students to teach! And yes, all those things are true. But it's also true that I could have easily written a few more cards, or found a half an hour in my day to read an actual book, instead of trolling the Internet for the thousandth time. The Actual Truth is that I got lazy. I didn't feel like it. And so I didn't. 

Which also seems like a good opportunity to roll out some cliches. Follow your heart! Listen to your passions! Do what you want, because life is short! Dream big! Except I don't believe those things. If I only did what my heart told me, I would be eating a lot of cake and watching endless episodes of Glee. Which is great in the moment but doesn't really do anything for Future Chrissy. And while not everything I do must have some vastly great effect on my future (god, that would make for a boring life) tiny things, like a one little goal a month, should. 

My only consolation is that it's May. While I will not pick up the mantle of monthly resolutions again ("learn from your mistakes" is one mantra I *can* get on board with) I have plenty of time to establish some better habits. I will make more time to read books instead of the Internet. I will start exercising regularly again. I will finish revising my novel. I will clear my clutter and live more simply. I don't have to do these things in the span of a particular month. But I will do them. And next year, I will make my resolutions the good old-fashioned way. 


  1. Yes- cake and Glee! It is hard to resist their siren songs. Occasionally I do not resist, but I agree that meaningful tasks-sigh-have value. My only resolution was to read one, just one, book each month this year. Harder than you think for an exhausted mom. So far I'm doing it, but also slogging through a current book club selection. I liked the movie of Cold Mountain, but did find it a bit hard to watch. I did or read the book and I'mnot sorry. High five!

    1. One book a month is struggle for me, too - unless I'm in school and am forced to read it. Book club is helping with that. I love reading so much, and I think that's the problem. I look at is a reward for doing all my to-dos, except the to-dos never end!

  2. *did not read. #sorrynotsorry

  3. It's funny how many small goals can be so overwhelming. I had the same experience with my overly ambitious 2013 goals. My life demanded something different of me, so I complied.

    But I am totally with you on the plans to exercise more regularly (high five!) and clear clutter. Those goals are feeling more like necessities for me, as I'm sighing at the state of my fitness and the STUFF that still needs to be rehomed after clearing out Paul's room last weekend.

    Onward and upward, friend! I need to write my goals for 2014...only about six months after January 1st! Ridiculous :-)