Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Lost Summer

Summer has always been my favorite season. I love the heat, the sun, the beach. I love backyard cookouts and porch drinking. I love yard games and late sunsets and fresh pesto and strawberry picking. I love my birthday in early August (let the countdown begin!). I feel more alive in the summer than I do during any other time, and I look forward to it all year. 

Which is why this particular summer has been a tiny tragedy. I've spent most of it indoors, at a desk, or stressing about our move. I know what you're thinking: most people spend the summer indoors. It's called work and the majority of people must go to it. And I get that, I do. But I've spent the last 14 years, give or take, in academia. Even when I had to go to work, the pace was slower, the vibe more relaxed. I measure my life in semesters, and it's a method that has always just sort of worked.

Until now.

The problem is that I graduated in May and hit the ground running. I was desperate to build my freelance empire so I didn't take any time off or allow myself even a moment of rest. I live on the coast of North Carolina, but I haven't been to the beach in over a month. TRAGEDY, I TELL YOU.

I'm writing this post not to complain, but to make a public promise to myself. This summer will be salvaged. There are three weeks until the semester starts (and I'm teaching one class, so I can still measure my life in semesters at least a little bit) and thanks to our tropical climate, summer actually stretches to October in these parts. There are plenty of beach trips in my future, plenty of backyard bashes to have - especially now that we're semi-settled in our new house and the backyard is awesome. Yesterday was Saturday, and even though it was thunderstorming and we're still dealing with lingering stress from the worst move ever, we randomly stopped by a friend's house and drank afternoon beers. While it wasn't the beach, it was relaxing, spontaneous, and very much needed, and it renewed my resolve to save this summer before it's too late.

Summer Goals for August 
Host a birthday/housewarming party
Kayak to Masonboro Island
Go to the beach at least once a week
Go the Riverfront Farmer's Market
Check out Airlie Gardens Summer Concert Series
Get the garden ready for fall plants
Explore running routes in our new neighborhood

Not a bad list, and not at all hard to accomplish. The trick will be actually getting up from my desk and leaving my laptop behind. One thing at a time...