Monday, October 27, 2014

Amish Paradise

See that bowl of rice there? No, it's not ingredients for a delicious and healthy dinner, or part of some new fermentation experiment. It's covering my iPhone, which took a spectacular dive into the toilet bowl this past weekend. 

In the past, whenever I heard about someone dropping their phone in the toilet, I shook my head and rolled my eyes. "HOW?" I wondered. Well, now I know. (For the record, I was playing a game of Quiz Up, went into the bathroom to check my hair, and fumbled, with disastrous results.) So many people have sworn by the rice trick, so I'm hoping it works. Mostly because there is no way I can afford a new phone right now. In the meantime, going phone-less has actually been a pretty nice experience. I'm no longer incessantly checking my email, my house is really clean, and I even started working out again, after a three week hiatus. I'm not sure if these things are connected, but I'm deciding they are, if only to make myself feel better about the whole iPhone-in-the-toilet thing. Here are photos of my clean house, as proof, and also because I highly doubt, at this point, that will I ever find the time to photograph an official tour of new place for y'all:

(UPDATE: Since starting this post, my phone has emerged from it's rice bath and appears to be working once more. Hallelujah! I promise to never play Quiz Up near the bathroom again! Also, if you are on Quiz Up, my username is TheNewChrissy.) 

In other news, my in-laws were in town last week. We haven't seen them since our wedding almost two years ago, so we were long overdue for quality time. I am lucky because I actually like my in-laws and enjoy spending time with them. They are very cool people who share a lot of our interests, so our conversations are always interesting and fun. They've got a little farm up north full of animals and vegetables, and Nathan's mom is my idol when it comes to gardening and making things from scratch. She brought us many jars of green beans and jam she canned herself, and I gave her some of the honey we harvested from our bees before we lost the hive. She also taught me to knit during the brief time she was here, and even though I always assumed I would never learn to knit (I'm not good at knots!) I managed to make this after just an hour or so of instruction:

Then again, she knitted this me this awesome circle scarf in one night, during her visit to North Carolina, while watching television. Clearly I have some work to do.

Besides destroying reviving my valuable objects and hanging out with family, things have been kind of quiet lately, which is good. I've been keeping busy with freelance projects and just started blogging for a yoga studio in exchange for a monthly membership, which I'm especially thrilled about. My back has been bothering me again, probably because my yoga practice has been non-existent these last few weeks. Hopefully this trade will result in a happier, healthier body, which is really the most valuable thing of all.

Speaking of yoga, I'm headed there now. More soon!