Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Wedding Weekend + MFA Reunion

Labor Day weekend was spent celebrating the wedding and marriage of two of our dearest. I met them four years ago, when Katie and I were both brand new to our MFA program. Since then, she and Dory have become some of my closest friends, and the main reason I survived my post-graduation year (they stayed in Wilmington, just like us, and for that I will be forever grateful). The wedding was perfect and unique, and full of love, humor, and personal details. It was a brunch wedding, with endless mimosas and a shrimp and grits bar, laid back and fun, and full of so many wonderful friends, old and new. And that was before the crazy dance party we had later that night! Such a perfect wedding. 

As most people know, I'm a huge fan of weddings - I love public declarations of emotion, I love crying during the vows, I love dancing and getting entirely too drunk on love (and, okay, on endless mimosas). I can have a good time at almost any wedding, but it's extra special when the people joining their lives together are so well-matched. In the ceremony and around the tables, every single guest marveled at what a wonderful relationship we were there to witness, how inspiring their vows and promises to one another were. I left the wedding grateful for their love, the community they brought together, and my own marriage, and inspired to be a more patient, loving, and supportive person to everyone in my life. 

Mazel tov, Dory and Katie! Here's to a long life filled with endless love and plenty of mimosas. 

Speaking of endless love, this wedding was also an opportunity for an MFA reunion, which was much needed and so appreciated. Since we graduated nearly a year and a half ago (has it been that long?!) I've seen my friends once or twice, in different places and different combinations. While I'm grateful for any chance to spend with them, there was something extra wonderful about reuniting here in Wilmington, and with such a large group of us at once. Five people stayed with Nathan and me, and we laughed, gossiped, drank, ate our favorite meals, and went to the beach three days in a row. Not bad for four days of non-stop hanging out! 

We discussed more than once how lucky we were to have each other, and how unfair it was that we all live so far apart. That's the blessing and curse of the MFA program - you find your tribe, the people who get you on a deep, intimate level, who share your interests and passions, who support your art and can talk endlessly about books and sentences and rejection, but only for three years. Then you graduate and your utopia is torn apart, your friends scattered, your tribe dissolved. In some ways, it's lonelier now because you know how good it can be. Still, it was worth it for those three years of intense community, and it will continue to be worth it for a lifetime of friendship and support, even if we only see each other once or twice a year, can only reunite like this for weddings. (We came up with a strict wedding schedule this past weekend, so we should be good for the next three years if all goes according to plan.) 

This past weekend gave me so many joyful memories, and so much to look forward to in the months and years to come. Hooray for love!