Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Morrow Mountain State Park With Local Color

This past weekend Nathan and I packed up the car, the camping gear, and the dogs, and headed west. Three hours later we pulled into Morrow Mountain State Park, where our friends Carson and Mel were waiting for us. 

As you may recall, Carson and Mel are in the midst of a year long road trip. They meticulously renovated a vintage trailer and now they're spending a week in each state. Carson is filing stories from the road (he's a writer and accomplished journalist) and Mel is starting her own business (which I'll be sharing more about soon!). They also have their goldendoodle Costello along for the ride, who I'm pretty sure is actually a cloud in disguise. 

The trio is about three months into their trip and we caught up with them while they were passing through North Carolina. We spent the weekend ogling Elsie, as the camper is affectionately known, playing Hearts (I won), drinking by the fire, and watching the dogs swim. While living in 120 square feet probably isn't as glamorous as it sounds, Carson and Mel seem to be acclimating well to their tiny home and to life on the road.

I won't lie: following their adventures and seeing images of their trailer has made me green with jealousy more than once. Seeing it all in person just made my envy worse. My only consolation is that they really are the best people who have worked very hard to make this year happen. I guess they deserve happiness and success. I guess. 

The highlight of the trip was the afternoon we spent on the Pee Dee River, watching the dogs swim and chase sticks. (We wanted to hike a bit more, but Seamus is getting old and can't go too far these days.) Thanks to Carson for getting these great shots of the boys with his fancy camera! Way nicer than my iPhone shots. 

Overall, it was a great getaway with some of my favorite people in the world. Also, we've now been camping two times in 2016, which means we've already broken last year's record. That's what I call a successful weekend.