Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Right Here, Right Now: July Report

Grass, because I spent a lot of time in my backyard this month.

Where did July go? No, really. I'm asking because I barely remember it. Between extra freelance work, Nathan's summer class, and a heat wave that basically left us housebound, July felt like a flash in a very hot pan. Here's how it all went down.


Memoir and trauma! Apparently I didn't get the memo that summer is for light-hearted beach reads, which is fine with me. This month, my book club read Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body, by the illustrious Roxane Gay. The book dives deep into her struggles with obesity, what it means to be overweight in a world that won't make room for you, and how trauma continues to haunt in ways visible and invisible. I've read pretty much everything Roxane Gay has ever written and follow her Twitter account religiously, and still there were things in this memoir that were shocking and surprising to read. A really important and brave book that made me rethink a lot of my assumptions. The other book I'm currently reading is Imagine Me Gone, by Adam Haslett, which is about a family dealing with depression, mental illness, and their struggle to love and support one another. From what I've read in interviews, the novel is closely mirrors Haslett's own life. I'm about two thirds of the way through this one, but so far it's a keeper. 


So much freelance. When it rains, it pours. I'm not complaining, just trying really hard to manage my time (and failing - see lack of posts on the blog this month). I finally picked up my novel again and started working on the next revision, which has been... okay. The big and wonderful thing that happened in July was that Joyland, a favorite online magazine, published one of my short stories. I've been working on this piece for three years and it's one of my favorites, so that was very exciting and encouraging. If you like stories about suburban swingers, check it out


HBO, via the Red Box. We rented the HBO series The Night Of, without really knowing what to expect. What we got was an incredible exploration of crime, punishment, the prison system, and race relations in post 9-11 New York City. I guess this mini-series came out last year, and I guess people talked about it then, but I don't have HBO and have learned to ignore everyone who does. Now I want desperately to discuss it, so if you've seen it, let me know! 


Everything from Aldi. After years of jealously reading Ashley's Aldi posts, Wilmington finally got our own store. I went for the first time this past Sunday with my friend Kat, and I got a huge cart full of a week's worth of groceries and then some - all for the low, low price of $69.78. I cannot wait to see what affect this has on my grocery budget! (Also, add "friend-date at brand new grocery store" to the list of things people in their 30s get really excited about.)  


Coop space. A friend of a friend was selling a super cute chicken coop for just $50, which is way less than what we'd pay if we tried to build it ourselves. Naturally we had to scoop it up. I've reserved it for the silkies, and there's plenty of room in it for a few more down the road. What can I say - I'm obsessed with fancy chickens. (Speaking of - have you followed Ophelia and Orlando on Instagram yet?!) More photos coming soon, obviously. 


My senators. Please consider this your monthly reminder to call your senators. I love 5Calls,  which gives you phone numbers, scripts, and some background on the issues of the day. And with this administration, there is always something to call about. 

Goals for August  

Looking at my calendar, it seems summer is finally in full swing. I've got a birthday to celebrate (I'm turning the big 3-5!), a trip to Long Island to see my family, a solar eclipse, and a bunch of freelance. If I can also make it to the beach a few times, I'll be perfectly satisfied.


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