Monday, July 16, 2018

Three Hundred Words

As usual, I've neglected this blog for weeks on end. It used to be that summer meant a break from drudgery - that I had fewer responsibilities and more time to fritter away in the sunshine. Then I became a grown up, and suddenly summer is busy, busy, busy. Longer days. More social activities. Seasonal chores like mowing the lawn, rinsing our swimsuits, and sweeping sand from every crevice. Summer is languid, seems to go on forever, but the days pass by all the same. I blink and it's half over, lost in a river of rosé.  


That's one side of the story, the one I post on Instagram. The other side is that the world's problems are part of this river, too, threatening daily to sweep us away. It's why I barely tweet, and instead spend my time scrolling through my feed, gasping at the latest horrors while feeling helpless and afraid. It's why I push myself to stay active with local politics, even though it's rarely glamorous - I need to do something tangible, and hashtags just don't cut it. I've yet to find the balance between listening and contributing, so mostly I just listen. 

But having a voice matters, too. Even if it's just a few minutes spent rambling on a blog hardly anyone reads, even if it's just crafting a few paragraphs to push into the void. So really, this is a long-winded way to say I would like to visit this space more often, and share the things I think about, big and small (but mostly small). I've missed you, and I hope you're well, and that together we can create something new. Something that doesn't quite fit anywhere, but makes us happy despite - or even because - of that simple yet inscrutable fact.