Saturday, January 02, 2010

happy new year!

Sure, I'm a day late. But when you spend New Year's Eve having a dance party in a Bronx apartment with your best college friends, jumping around and drinking champagne until six in the morning, the first of the year is not quite as shiny and exciting as it should be. Instead, the first of the year is spent moving your sister from her apartment in Astoria to her new apartment in Harlem while fighting bouts of dizziness, and then sitting on a couch while watching three movies (What Stays in Vegas, House Bunny, and American Dreamz) and ordering two meals to be delivered to the door so that you can move as little as possible. Looking back, it was actually a pretty good day.

As we are still on our never-ending vacation, Nathan and I are spending the next few days couch surfing and catching up with old friends. On Sunday evening, we'll head to Long Island one last time to see my parents and pack up our Christmas presents, and then at the crack of dawn on Wednesday we begin the long drive back to Texas. I'm excited to return home. I love vacation and traveling, but I also love my routine - running and yoga, cooking my own food in my own kitchen, sleeping in my own bed and spending time with my Texas friends. I am a creature of habit, and I'm ready to return!

But first: a day and night with another group of college friends, a trip to the Museum of Modern Art to see the Tim Burton exhibit, a reunion with Seamus (who spent the New Year with my parents - they are too kind) and my friends from high school, and as many episodes of Jersey Shore and Little Miss Perfect that I can squeeze in before we leave reality TV behind for good. I hope you're having a great OH TEN! Now if you'll excuse me, I haven't showered all year and desperately need to break that habit. xo!