Friday, February 05, 2010

oh social life, where art thou?

An alternate title for this post would be, "Hello, Hermitude!"

Yes, it's true. I've been scarce these last few weeks. Not scarce on the Internet, mind you. Not scarce on my couch, where I've been devouring episodes of Battlestar Galactica. And not scarce in my bed, where I have, until this evening, curled up with a copy of Middlesex and read until my eyelids drooped and my chin dropped down to my chest. I finally finished the book and as I laid it down beside me, still in that hazy half world between literature and life, I realized - I have not gone out in a while.

Sure, we went to the bar last weekend for MRT's birthday. And last night, we went to a literary reading at the college (which was awesome). But outside of those things, a perfect storm of distractions has kept me mostly inside. They are as follows: Battlestar Galactica; training for the marathon; Middlesex; cold and gray weather; bronchitis; and a general feeling of laziness, which is probably brought on by 10-20 mile runs two to three times a week and, oh yeah, bronchitis.

It's been a rough time for my social life. And for that, my friends, I apologize.

Listen. I just finished Middlesex. We're almost done with our current season of Battlestar. I think it might just be getting warmer. I took my last antibiotic today. And in nine days, the marathon will be over. Done with. Complete. No more early nights because we have to run in the morning. No more canceled evenings because we can barely walk. Starting next week, the New Me will be ready and raring to come to your writers' group, watch a film even if it starts after 8pm, drink a beer while playing a board game, and watching LOST in a timely fashion. You'll see. It's going to be awesome.

Until then, I have two more discs of a certain season left, a 20 mile run scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, and it's already 8:22pm. Time to get a move on!