Friday, May 21, 2010

friday +/- and weekend goals

Guys! We made it through another week! Three cheers for us! Here's my list for the last five day's worth of good and bad. As usual, good comes out on top.

 (Photo from Nathan's graduation party, compliments of David Kimling. Isn't Seamus the cutest? Definitely a +!)

- Not being able to blog about work. Oh, the stories I could tell you! But I'm a professional, so I won't.
- Because it was supposed to storm last night, we went to yoga instead of bike riding. The storm ended up missing us completely. Weather in Texas is impossible to predict.
- It is only the 21st of the month and we're already broke. We have enough money to feed ourselves (probably) and the bills have been paid (mostly), but still. The next ten days will be lean.

+ We finally swam at the Boys and Girls club, and I really like it! It seems like a bigger pool, which is impossible as they're all a standard size, and the hours are much better. Triathlons, beware!
+ In case you hadn't noticed, I'm excited about blogging again. Having more of a focus, even if it's only in my head, has helped. I hope y'all like the direction the blog is moving in, because I definitely do. :)
+ Nathan has been diligently applying for jobs and has even had some hopeful leads. Until he gets hired, though, he is working part time and doing all the projects around the house that have languished during thesis season. Every day I come home to some new lovely improvement. It's very exciting.
+ Having no money until June is both a blessing and a curse. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend in town, visiting with my ladies (it's Chay's birthday!), completing my first Brick workout, and maybe going on a picnic. Good, cheap fun!

And speaking of a weekend in town...

  1. Paint and hang the new shelf, which Nathan is routing today, above the bed.
  2. Spend two hours at Java Jacks, working on my writing. (I'll probably do this on Sunday.)
  3. Finish reading Olive Kitteridge.
  4. Cook and photograph two new recipes for the blog. 
  5. Keep up with Triathlon Training Plan.
Those goals, along with all the usual weekend shenanigans, should keep us pretty busy. What are you doing this weekend? And how did your week's pluses and minuses balance out? Let me know in the comments! (Seriously. It'll make 5pm get here faster.) Happy Friday!