Monday, May 17, 2010

weekend recap - graduation edition

Indian food at the Multicultural Festival in downtown Nacogdoches. This particular festival is the one time of the year when delicious Indian food is a bicycle ride away from my house. So good. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm showing you the meal that cured my slight hangover on Sunday, without telling you about the awesome graduation party I threw for Nathan on Saturday! While the party itself started at 6pm, we began preparations in the morning, which included major cleaning and organizing of our apartment, as well as prepping and making a ton of vegan food (my friends, while mostly non-vegan, are very kind about eating and preparing vegan foods on my behalf! Just another reasons why my friends rule.) I made three vegan pizzas, guacamole, oatmeal raisin cookies, and Strawberry Summer Cake - all of which was devoured by the end of the night! Nathan and I were on track to get everything done, but then he decided at the last moment to do two big projects we'd been putting off - fixing a hole in our bathroom ceiling, and putting a new roof on our makeshift bike shed. I am not sure why he decides to take on these projects less than two hours before 20+ people are scheduled to arrive at our house, or why he needs my help even though I'm in the middle of cooking food for 20+ people, but alas. He does. Somehow we got everything done, and even managed to shower and change before the first guest arrived. Whew! 

The party was lots of fun, our friends were gracious and generous, and I enjoyed many fine conversations, lots of silly jokes, a David Byrne dance party, and too many beers from the pony keg of Fat Tire. All in all, a very successful shindig! 

I woke up Sunday with the aforementioned slight hangover, which sort of put a damper on my training plans for the day (a bike ride + a run). Instead, I cleaned (again), went grocery shopping, baked a batch of muffins, and took a nap, which I never, ever do. I'm not a napper - I always feel guilty, like I should be doing something more productive. It was surprisingly refreshing! 

After our nap, I sat on the porch for about two hours, reading a book and drinking half a beer (we didn't quite float the keg. We're getting old.) Reading in the afternoon is another thing I never do, but should definitely do more often. 

Definitely an A+ weekend, and I was very sorry to see it end. Hopefully the coming week will be just as lovely - for me, and for you!