Friday, May 28, 2010

lost finale and discussion! (and cake!)

Did you hear something? Whispers in the bamboo, footsteps crunching in the sand? Wait - what's that, through those very Island-like palm trees?

Is it the pieces of a plane on the beach? Is it an abandoned village? A hatch? Are there lots of highly attractive, shirtless men and beautiful women with perfectly tousled beach hair milling about?

Yes, yes, and yes! In one world, it is all of these things. But in an alternate, sideways world, it is a LOST cake, in my kitchen, waiting to be eaten and enjoyed as we finally watch the season finale of my favorite show. (Specifically, we have a basic yellow cake recipe, dark chocolate frosting, and the word "LOST" written in unsweetened coconut flakes, because coconuts come from islands, obviously.)

So what did you think of the finale? Even though some questions didn't get answered and some mysteries will never be solved, I thought it was a perfect ending to six seasons of WTF. Feel free to debate and theorize in the comments. In the meantime, you can bet I'll be reading various recaps and critiques throughout the weekend, eating leftover cake, and otherwise milking this last episode for all it's worth.

It's been a great ride, LOST! I will miss you and your crazy times dearly.