Friday, June 18, 2010

friday +/-

Amy's flowers in front of her kitchen's flowered wallpaper. So meta!

It was a strange week, but a good kind of strange. Between resigning from my job and cleaning out  my office, I've felt the excitement of new possibilities and the bittersweet reality of saying goodbye to librarianship - for a few years, anyway. Here's how the week balanced out: 

- Quitting my job. While I'm excited to work in the grant office, the reality of no longer being a librarian is sinking in. For all the lows of my current job, there were certainly a bunch of highs and I'll miss going to conferences, learning about trends in librarianship, and being part of a profession that I have come to love and respect. I'll also miss a good number of my colleagues. C'est la vie - new opportunities beckon! 

- My lower back hurts. It hurts on and off quite a bit, and I think I might have to go to the doctor and have it looked at, to make sure it's not something more serious than stress/cramps/being too ambitious in yoga. I do not like going to the doctor, so I'll probably put this off for about six to nine more months. 

- After buckling down and creating a training plan to carry me over and through the Hotter'N'Hell Hundred this August, I realized that my running will be pretty much non-existent until after the century. Riding 100+ miles a week will not leave me the time or the stamina to also log running miles. I guess I'm okay with this. Running in the humid East Texas air sucks anyway, and I don't want to associate running with pain and suffering. I've worked too hard to get past that! 

And now for the +'s... 

+ I'm starting a new job on Monday! As much as I'll miss the library, I'm really excited to take on a new challenge and gain new skills. Change is good! 

+ Nathan has settled into his new job and we discovered that he gets paid twice a month, which is awesome. (The university only pays us once a month, on the 1st.) This will help us avoid the dreaded end-of-the-month dry spell, involving nothing but pasta and limp vegetables until payday. 

+ I received a kick ass package from Bobbie in the mail, full of all the vegan goodies she knows I can't get in good old Nacogdoches. Next week's recipes (chia seeds!) will surely be compliments of her. :)

+ I finally swam one whole mile without stopping. It took me 34.5 minutes, which is really fast for me. Even though I won't be running much this summer, I want to keep cross training by swimming. There is a triathlon in September to think about, and swimming is currently my weakest area. (But getting stronger every day!) 

+ Last week, we bought a gallon of paint. Tonight, we're taping up the walls. And tomorrow, we're finally repainting the bathroom. I already took a ton of atrocious before-photos - hopefully, I'll regale you with those + breathtaking after-photos by the end of next week!

+ We finished watching season two of True Blood, the act of which pretty much dominated my evening Twitter feed for the last two weeks. Plans are in the works to begin watching season three before we fall too far behind. Friends with cable are the best! 

Now it's your turn. Give me some +'s and -'s for your week, and let's all have a super +++ weekend!