Monday, June 07, 2010

weekend adventures

My weekend was less adventurous, more restful. This was a welcome change - between my wisdom teeth surgery and Nathan's first week as a full time employee, we were both pretty beat.

On Friday, Nathan got out of work late and we ended up missing the opening of Nac Collects, an art show featuring work from the private collections of local folk. For the first time, Nathan and I were "in" the show - we donated a piece painted by our friend Scott. The show stays up for a month, so I plan to visit it this weekend and snap a photo of the label that reads "From the Collection of Chrissy and Nathan," which is really the whole reason I wanted to be in the show. So, no art opening for us, but we did manage to drink a beer at the park with the dog and then hang out on Amy and David's porch for a few hours, which was satisfying.

Saturday is our long ride day, but we were rebels and skipped out. I know, I know. To atone for my laziness, I went to yoga instead. Fair trade. I was actually in a low mood for most of Saturday and couldn't figure out why. I laid on the couch for a while and read Olive Kitteridge (such a good book!) and drank a soy latte, then forced myself to bake cookies and make hummus for the literary reading. By the time I got to the yoga studio to help Amy set up for the event, I was feeling a bit better, and by the end of the reading (another success!) I was positively glowing. I guess sometimes you just have to sulk. (And drink lattes.)

Amy and I welcoming the audience to the reading (I'm in blue.) Thanks to Rachel for the photo!

On Sunday, we planned to make up our bike ride, but once more we decided instead to answer the call of coffee in bed. Our triathlon training had understandably been a bust last week, and we took the time to pull out my laptop and our calendar and take a hard look at the race schedule we'd planned way back when Nathan didn't have a job and we forgot about registration fees. We made two tough decisions, but I think they're the best for our wallets, our jobs, and our sanity. We have decided not to do the Hotter'N'Hell Hundred century ride at the end of August. It's a long drive and would require too many days off, which neither of us have right now. A century ride is one of my goals for 2010, and I can still complete this - I will simply ride the 100 mile route in the Pineywoods Purgatory, which starts in Lufkin (a 20 minute drive away) and which I've ridden the last two years (first the 25 mile route, and then the 72). That leaves plenty of time to train for what will be a challenging (IE, HILLY!) course. 

And because the last weekend in August was freed up, we also decided to push our triathlon back a month. Instead of our original plan (Disco Triathlon on July 18th) we're going to do the Clear Lake Triathlon on August 28th. Which means I will have to rewrite my training plan yet again, but good news - this time, I'm reading Triathlon Training for Dummies, and am going to make a plan that actually works. Brilliant, I know! ;) In fact, I've already started! This morning I swam one mile and did intervals - 200 meters easy, alternating with 200 meters hard. It was a great workout and filled me with energy and good will (very important on Monday mornings!). 

In non-triathlon news, our Sunday evening was spent at Amy and David's again, where we said goodbye to C and P, who are headed to Boise, Idaho for a teaching job. It was a nice little party and we were home and in bed by 10:30, which is just my style. 

Also! Wednesday makes the 5 Year Blogiversary(!) of The New Me, and I'm planning to do a giveaway to celebrate. Be sure to check back then! In the meantime, enjoy the day.