Friday, July 16, 2010

friday +/-

On the one hand, this was one of the longest weeks ever. On the other, I feel like I just wrote last Friday's +/- yesterday. Time is weird.

- I am getting really lazy about biking in the mornings. I'm supposed to do two rides, between 15 and 20 miles, during the week to supplement my century training. For the last two weeks, I did my long rides and spin class, and nothing else! I can blame it on weather and low visibility on the roads, headaches and that time of the month, but mostly I just haven't felt like it. I've been running instead, so it hasn't been a total wash, but still. I need to re-motivate myself, and fast!

- We saw Pauly Shore on Wednesday night. He wasn't really that funny - too many jokes about minories and blow jobs for my taste. (Come on - it's 2010. A bit about how Obama is - gasp! - black is just plain stupid.) That said, my expectations weren't high to begin with, and really - how often does Pauly Shore come to Nacogdoches? Exactly. I need to take advantage of these kinds of things when they happen.

- Because Pauly was less than hysterical, I was forced to make up the difference by drinking excessively. On a Wednesday night. Despite the fact that I am no longer 22 years old. Which means Thursday was less than stellar. Seriously, I get the most ridiculous hangovers now that I'm closing in on my late 20's. Has this happened to anyone else? More than two drinks, and I wake up sluggish and headachey. While I don't exactly miss the days of binge drinking until 4AM and then going to class at 9, my recovery time was downright impressive. Oh, maturity. How you've changed me!

And now for the +'s!

+ I'm slowly getting back into cooking at home. We went a whole week without going out for pizza or sushi, which is a very good thing.

+ Last week, we met a super nice couple at the bar while watching the World Cup finale. They came to kickball that night and on Tuesday, we met them at the Rec Center for a little rock climbing. I like making new friends and I hadn't climbed in over a year, so it was a win-win type of night. The fact that I made it to the top of a (very easy) route was pretty nice, too.

+ I've decided to re-take the Graduate Writing Workshop I took a few semesters ago. It's taught by my favorite professor, who encouraged me to sign up and promised that the readings would be completely different. When I tried to register, I had a weird flag on my account, and told the professor I'd have to take care of it first. Naturally, I procrastinated for about two weeks (even though the graduate office is literally 20 feet from my office door) and on Wednesday, my professor stopped by my office to tell me he took care of it for me and I was clear to register. I made sure to sign up right away, having learned my lesson about procrastination (you will be embarrased when someone finally just does it for you) and now I'm looking forward to a weekly writing workshop beginning at the end of August. Whew!

+ Have I mentioned that it's Friday and, as usual, I have an awesome weekend planned? Because it is, and I do. See y'all Monday with a full report!