Tuesday, July 06, 2010

weekend adventures

You know it's been a crazy week when I don't write my Weekend Adventures post until Tuesday. And truly, I don't have a very good excuse. While it was a holiday weekend, I still had to work yesterday (blasphemey, I know) and while I did have an action packed weekend, it wasn't any more packed than usual. Well, maybe a little more packed than usual. I'll let you be the judge.

Friday! We kicked off the weekend right by spending the bulk of this evening at Vicki and Jeromy's house, hanging out, drinking gin and tonics, and talking late into the night. It was pouring rain outside and Vicki ordered take-and-bake pizzas, and their home is so cozy and welcoming that it ended up being a perfect night. I'm lucky to know so many awesome people in my little town.

Saturday started with sleeping in, which is always nice. I got up around 8:00 am and wrote my words for the day, per the July Writing Challenge. Then there were blueberry pancakes, a trip the farmers' market for vegetables, fruit and flowers, and a walk in the park with the dog. Despite feeling slightly hungover, we went to Lufkin where I got lots of little things at Target - new oven mitts, a little rug to put under the dog's food station, work clothes from the clearance rack. Often I wish we had a Target right in town, but truthfully I'm glad we don't. I would be broke and my home would full of awesome things I don't actually need. 

One of the two pies I ate this weekend. It was a weekend of pie!

Our apartment has been in shambles for quite some time, and so to motivate ourselves to clean we invited some friends over for dinner - the MRTs and S & C. I made a weird pasta dish with a cashew cream sauce, which tasted better the next day (sorry friends!), Ms. MRT brought a blueberry pie, and C provided a delicious Greek salad. It was a very good night with very good friends, and guess what? My apartment looks awesome! Success!

Sunday was our weekly long ride. I had 45 miles on my training schedule but we ended up riding 49. We rode country roads and farm to market routes out to Garrison, stopped to rest at at a gas station where we got Gatorade and refilled our water bottles, and then headed back home. It took just over 3.5 hours and I felt pretty good the whole way. So good, in fact, that later in the afternoon we went to a Fourth of July BBQ with our kickball camrades and I played beer pong, badminton and ate two or three meals in one sitting before riding my bicycle (again!) downtown to watch fireworks. A very good fourth.

Yesterday, however, I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Was it the 50 mile bike ride? The badminton? The beer pong? The world will never know. I worked all day and then, when I got home, chained myself to the computer for another hour and paid all the bills. I also bought my plane ticket to New York. Needless to say, I am now broke. C'est la vie! I also skipped writing Sunday and Monday, but it's okay. To fulfill my challenge I only have to write six days a week, which means I won't take another day off until the middle of the next week. And since I didn't write, I made sure to read the latest issue of Poets and Writers in order to do a little something-something for my writerly ambitions (and learned a heck of a lot about agents - great issue!).

All in all, a great weekend, albeit exhausting. I'm hoping this next weekend will be quieter but first - the slow march towards Friday. I hope it speeds by for both of us!