Wednesday, August 04, 2010

august writing goals

This month, my goals will not be lofty. They will simply be realistic. Listen: August is busy! Not only is my birthday next Monday (August 9 - mark your calendars!) but I'm also hosting the bi-monthly literary reading on the 14th, training for and riding the Hotter'N'Hell Hundred on the 28th, and have I mentioned a little puppy named Calvin? Dude requires a lot of time, attention and energy, and the few times I've tried to work on my laptop around him has caused a lot of whining, barking, and begging for MOAR PLAYING NOW! Not very conducive to concentration, if you know what I'm saying.

But these are merely reasons, not excuses, and so despite everything else going on I will make some writing goals. Because when you think about it, there will always be everything else going on. The trick is prioritizing the things that are important, and writing is definitely important.
  • Finalize my list of schools to which I will apply for an MFA in creative writing. Last year, I only applied to four schools because I had no idea what I was doing or how competitive the process is. This year, I plan to apply to ten schools, mostly in the eastern part of the country. (North Carolina and Virginia, I'm looking at you!)
  • Finish all unfinished drafts. Since I will need to figure out what to include in my writing sample this go-around, I won't bother writing anything new. Instead, I'll finish everything currently in the works, revise things I haven't look at in months, and see which pieces have the most potential.
  •  Send in contest submission. Barthelme Prize for Short Prose. It's on.
  • Reorganize home office. We're thinking of getting one long desk that we can share, as we tend to use our computers at different times anyway. Plus, re-doing the office will make me want to spend more time in it. Right? Sure.
How's your August shaping up? What goals do you have for writing, running, blogging, or whatever it is that you make a priority?


    1. These sound like some great goals! Good luck with your decisions about MFA programs! When I applied to grad schools, I applied to ten institutions. I think it's a good number -- although it can get expensive.

    2. Redoing the office works! I wasn't able to get any writing done after I moved until I bought a new desk and set it up. I applied to 7 MFAs, which was good since funding was god-awful that year. This past season I applied to Ole Miss and got in with funding but decided not to go (long long story). Now I'm doing PhDs--ugh, applications never end!

    3. Last year I only applied to four and got into UNCG with no funding. Which is a much shorter story!

    4. Sounds good! Good luck with the office reorganization! I feel like we re-do ours every month...and we still don't even bother using it!

    5. I plan to continue my mantra, "Please don't let us win this project." If we do, my running is shot.

      My plan is to cry so much they feel bad for me and give me an office job :)

      Your plans sound more grown up!

    6. Good luck with all you applications!
      Wow, ten schools sounds like a lot of paper work...I just went through the college application process last year, and the amount of papers to be filled out was just astounding.
      By the way, I love your vegan recipes section. I'm vegan myself, and it's always so difficult to find anything that's good, ready made and 100% vegan.

    7. Thanks Noora! I am definitely not looking forward to the paperwork/application fees that are coming my way. C'est la vie. If that's what it takes to get a funded acceptance, then that's what I'll do! Fingers crossed!