Friday, August 27, 2010

friday +/-

 Calvin thinks it has been a long week.

Friday! My favorite! This hasn't been the greatest week, but I think it's ending on a really good note. Let's get the run down under way, shall we? First, the not-so-good.

- This was not the best week for training. My schedule is about to change (obedience training started this week and my fiction workshop class starts next week) and when that happens, my mind does weird things. Like, convince itself that I should take advantage of a free Thursday evening, since I won't have another until December. Also, Nathan is the grumpiest morning person ever and doesn't have the patience at 6am to deal with Calvin on his own, which means morning runs have been put on hold. I still made it to two yoga classes and the week isn't quite over, so I might be able to salvage my mileage yet. Cross your fingers!

- I still haven't ridden my scooter. Getting all the documents in order, including registration and insurance, and getting my license reissued (I lost it in Oregon over spring break and still haven't gotten a new one. I know, I know, I'm terrible!) has taken a really long time. But I'm leaving work at 3pm today and hopefully by 5 I'll be street legal and ready to ride.

- Students are moving back to campus this week. While I usually like the first week of school - the excitement! the smell of new notebooks! a fresh start full of possibility! - I will miss the quiet. When you live in a college town, those three summer months when you never see anyone under the age of 20 are kind of nice. Zero traffic, easy parking, no waiting for a table at a restaurant. Alas, those days are over, as evidenced by the fact that it took me 20 minutes to get across campus yesterday. C'est la vie.

- General grumpiness and pouting. Sometimes you just need to, okay?

And now for my favorite part: the better!

+ The weather! I know what you're thinking - Chrissy must have meant to put this item where it belongs, on the not-so-good list. Not this week! This week, it has been in the 60's when we wake up, the low 90's in the day time, and the humidity has been negligible. I know that to normal people, low 90's are not really worth celebrating, or worth going on a five mile run outdoors, but we are not normal. We are Texans, dammit, and this kind of weather makes me want to pull out my scarves and bake an apple pie. Well, maybe not quite yet. But this week was the first time I could actually see an end to the horror that has been this summer's weather, and that is an amazing feeling!

+ Calvin started obedience training and so far, so good. We only covered basic commands during the first class, most of which Calvin already knows (good dog!) but I did notice that he's much more focused and well-behaved when Seamus is not around. Calvin just loves Seamus, and if they're in the same room all he wants to do is play with/harass/jump on/bite Seamus. Which is both cute and annoying, depending on whether you ask me or Seamus. At any rate, I think once Calvin learns some self control he'll be the second best dog ever. There is hope for him yet!

+ While I don't like the influx of freshman who can't drive currently taking over my town, I do love the first week of school. Yesterday I attended the President's address and met some new faculty, and it only solidified my resolve to be in their shoes one day. The more I consider my career options, the more sure I am that professorship is the way to go. It just feels right, in a way that nothing else ever quite has, and not in some nebulous, idealistic, and clueless way. I am friends with many professors. I work with faculty every day. I love school and working in academia and sharing my passions with others. And summers off would give me time to work on my own writing. This is the path I need to follow, and knowing that is a wonderful feeling.

+ The weekend is coming, the weekend is coming! On the agenda: cleaning out my closet, reconnecting with some friends, a trip to the lake with the dogs, a long run, finishing the porch project, and reading a book at the park. I can't wait!

How did your week pan out? Are you, too, using Friday as a catch-up day? What do you have planned for this weekend? Sharing is caring! And Happy Friday!