Monday, August 16, 2010

weekend adventures: finding balance

This is the first weekend in a long time where I actually feel a sense of balance. Not only was I social and productive, but I also worked out twice and cleaned my whole apartment. Also: the dogs are quietly sleeping at either end of the couch. How's that for success?

 Seamus and Calvin are on their way to being BFFs, big time. 

The weekend started on Friday night, when Nathan and I headed to the Fredonia Hotel for Comedy Night. Despite the lackluster performance of Pauly Shore last month, we decided to give comedy in East Texas a second chance, and I'm so glad we did. The headliner was Amy Schumer, who had us laughing from the moment she took the stage until the moment she left. She covered everything - race, religion, gays, abortion. And while I griped about Pauly Shore using racist jokes to get cheap laughs, Amy Schumer was different. She wasn't making fun of black people - she was making fun of us, for having only one black person in the audience. It's a subtle but important difference, and Amy Schumer walked the line beautifully. We ended the evening in Amy (the yoga instructor's) backyard, but not before getting Calvin and Seamus for a little late night partying. The dogs enjoyed themselves and do did we. Friday = Success! 

Despite staying out until past midnight, I got up pretty early on Saturday, made coffee and ate breakfast, and then headed to a 90 minute yoga class. I love the longer classes on Saturday's - such a good workout. After yoga, I went grocery shopping and then went on a cake baking spree in preparation for the Literary Reading at the Yoga Studio. Amy and I have been hosting the bi-monthly reading series since the inaugural event last August, so this was our one year anniversary. We decided to celebrate by stepping up the food and offering free champagne to attendees for a toast. Yeah, we're classy like that. We got to the studio an hour before showtime and arranged out the food, poured the drinks, and set up the chairs. Ready for business!

It was a good crowd (about 50 people, which is great for graduation night and intersession) and we had a phenomenal group of readers. Since I'm the host and emcee, I don't read at every event, mostly because that wouldn't be fair. But I wanted to read at the one year anniversary, and my contributor's copies of LIT Magazine had arrived in the mail THAT DAY. I couldn't pass up the chance to read my first published story directly from the journal in which it appears. It was a pretty great feeling.

 LIT: Now available at your local Barnes and Nobles! I'm on page 54.

On Sunday, I slept in until about 8am, which meant I missed the brief window for outdoor running. By the time I got out of bed, it was already 90 degrees and humid - not ideal conditions for my first long run of half marathon training. I was supposed to do 8 miles so I decided to suck it up, head to the campus rec center, and run on the treadmill while watching MTV True Story: I'm a Sports Fanatic. Trashy television helps pass the time and I ended up doing a slow 7.5 miles because my right knee started to bother me. It feels fine now, but I didn't want to push it. Plus my show was over, so, you know. ;)

We tried to play kickball in the evening, but it was 102 degrees and only a handful of people showed up. That was fine with me. Nathan and I came home, played with the dogs, and watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica Season 4 (nerd power!) before going to bed early. Yes, it was a good weekend.

I don't have anything super exciting planned for this week, but the weeks have a way of surprising me. I hope you had a good weekend and that your Monday is off to a brilliant start!