Monday, August 30, 2010

weekend adventures in photos

 Another perfect weekend, gone too soon.
Instead of the usual recap, here's a journey through photographs. 

 Friday evening: beers at the park with the dogs, sushi for dinner, and then an evening at the Pine Knot, where we listened to local music and tapped our feet in old church pews, Nathan's arm around me while we passed a beer back and forth. 

We spent more time working on the porch this weekend. This time, we laid broken stones we got for free from a local supplier and laid out a path that goes from the front porch to the back. It was like a game of Tetris and took a few tries to get all the pieces to fit just right. Photos of the finished product coming soon, so stay tuned! We also spent some more time at the lake with the dogs, wearing them out until they were so tired they barely made it back to the car.

Sunday was the real highlight of my weekend, a day that was close to perfect. I woke up early, had a piece of toast with peanut butter, and then headed out to finally conquer a ten mile run. After two weekends of sub-par long runs, it felt great to finally finish what I set out to do. That is not to say it was an easy run - my pace was about twenty seconds slower than called for, and as you can see I stopped at exactly ten miles. Not 10.01 or 10.2, but 10 on the dot. I love my Garmin!

After a huge plate of pancakes and two episodes of Battlestar Galactica, I packed up my laptop and headed to Java Jacks, where I entered a short prose contest and finished my list of grad school candidates. The list might change slightly by the time I actually submit applications, but for now it's fairly solid. I also changed my twitter handle to TheNewChrissy. I will miss being evilolive, but I was tired of seeing a million replies every weekend that were meant to be directed to a martini bar in Chicago, plus the new name shows a clearer connection to my blog. So if you're wondering who this stranger is in your twitter feed, fear not - it's just me!

And how exactly does one end a near-perfect Sunday? By being treated to a delicious dinner of chickpea curry, prepared by the lovely and talented Eralda. After our meal, we ate brownies and sipped wine and talked about the start of the semester. Eralda and her husband both teach freshman comp for the English department, and Amy teaches yoga, and they all told me I would make a great professor one day. And guess what? I believe them!

Today I'm on campus, at work, still staff for now. But that's okay - I've got a lot to do, and a lovely office in which to do it. Things could be much, much worse. 

How was your weekend?