Monday, August 02, 2010

weekend adventures

Weekend? What weekend? As usual, my weekend went by way too fast and, as usual, I don't really now what I did or accomplished. Sigh. I guess that's what adding a puppy to your family will do.

Things that I know I accomplished: Friday evening after work, Nathan organized a mountain bike ride on the Raider trails. About six people showed up and we rode for an hour, until it got dark. I hadn't ridden my mountain bike in months, which was made painfully clear by the fact that I literally had to clean spiderwebs off the spokes before we left the house. Despite my rusty skills, I did all right. No falls, I only hit one tree (I was going very slowly) and by the end of the ride I'd worked up the courage to go down a few steep hills and even do a jump. It was a little jump - more of a hump, really - but hey. It counts.

I'm not sure which I prefer - road riding or trail riding. On the road, I like the open-wide feeling I get when there's nothing around me but a highway, the road and the sky. On the trails, I don't have to worry about angry drivers threatening my life, but I do have to worry about flipping over my handlebars and breaking my neck. So really, it's a draw.

I kicked my day off Saturday by walking the dogs and then going to yoga. The dog walk was a little frustrating - Calvin likes to grab Seamus' leash while we walk and play tug, which annoys Seamus and causes me to trip. Somehow, all three of us survived the walk and then my frustration melted away in yoga. I hadn't been to class in about two weeks, and whenever I come back after a break I think, "Oh, this is hard," and then, "Oh, this feels amazing!" Yoga, man. It's awesome.

In the afternoon, Nathan and I took the dogs over to the MRTs. I hoped that my puppy would help my very pregnant friend forget some of her gestational woes. I don't know how effective Calvin was, but we did have a nice visit and it was a good chance to catch up.

Saturday night was kind of weird. We watched a movie (The Book of Eli, which I thought was kind of boring and actually dozed through) which ended at about 9:30. Instead of retiring to bed to read and fall asleep early, just like every other pair of elderly people in their late 20's (lie to me, it's okay) we ended up going to a friends' house to play Rockband. Yes, I went out after 9PM. And even more incredible? I stayed out until 2AM! As you've probably guessed, I'm not a night owl and by midnight I was starting to feel cranky. I had another beer and tried to stay peppy, but it was a hard fight. Even though Rockband is awesome and the company was great, I am just not made for late nights.

Which brings us to Sunday! Instead of going for a long bike ride, as planned, we skipped our training (again! I'm going to die during the century for sure!) and took the dogs to the lake. Listen, today the high was 105F before the heat index, and 60 miles on a bike just didn't seem like the most fun I could possibly have. Plus we have a new puppy, a darling puppy that does not yet know how to swim. Obviously, we had to take care of this immediately.

(I made a great video of Calvin jumping into the water after Seamus and then realizing what he's done and freaking out. Unfortunately, my camera is frozen and won't load my photos or turn off. Hopefully I can fix this soon, as a blog post is not a blog post without some faux-artsy photos!)

How as your weekend? Did you skip a workout, learn a new trick, or stay up especially late? Whatever you did, I hope it was perfect.


  1. I've been going to bed at an "elderly" time my whole life, and my friends make fun of me on a regular basis. We should form a club.

    The kids really want the chance to exhaust your puppy :)

  2. It sounds like a busy weekend even without any training on Sunday! I hope your camera unfreezes soon!

    This weekend I worked on a syllabus for one of my fall classes and went to Target a couple of times. I also did yoga on our new deck.

  3. @Rachel - puppy play date soon! Maybe this weekend? I still have those bottles to give you!

    @La Historiadoa - multiple trips to Target sounds like my kind of weekend!

  4. I feel the same way about my weekends-They go by so fast, and I don't even do that much!

    I love yoga. I have my own mat in my bedroom, and I want to use it more.

  5. Well I think the program would be 100x more my speed if someone awesome like you were in it! Bicycles, vegan food, running, writing? What more could anyone ask for! Feel free to email me if you want to talk about Hollins--I think it's a great program, especially for someone who wants a lot of time to work on their writing. What I found was, for me, I need academics to challenge me enough to want to write. It's a bad habit and I'm getting out of it, but it was a tough adjustment. Things are better now, it was just a rough 1st year.

    I'm stoked to have found your blog, I'm definitely into all the same things, although thanks to my job I haven't been able to ride my bike as much as I want to. Hope you have a great Monday!!

  6. Sounds like a good weekend. We spent most of ours cleaning. :-\

    Sorry we couldn't join you at the lake; we are on a very strict budget. I won't be able to fill up the Jeep for another 15 days or so until I get paid again, so we aren't doing much driving around with the dog...or much of anything, really, when you think about it.

  7. I hate when my weekend goes by fast like that! Mine actually sailed along at just the right was a nice mix of QT time with friends and the bf. I could have used more sleep, but staying up late is oh so much fun! :)

  8. It's so hot I've definitely been skipping workouts in favor of yoga, lounging by the pool, and hanging out with friends. I actually can't remember my last bike ride or run :X but summer won't last forever so I'm enjoying it while it's here and hopefully I won't have lost too much endurance when I decide to start up again. I prefer to enjoy an activity when my body is truly craving it and I can savor every moment rather than force myself through a tough workout that might ruin my love of the sport in the long run.

    I'm such an old person and I'm not even mid twenties yet! 2 am is unheard of for me. I consider it a big deal that I stayed out past 11:30 twice this weekend. Like you, I just start to get grouchy after about midnight. I always promise my friends that as long as I'm having fun, I don't mind staying out, but my brain shuts down at a certain point when I'm tired and I just can't engage anymore. Plus my body clock is dead set on a 7 am wake up call no matter what.

    I've never done intense trail rides like that! sounds scary but I would love to try it!

  9. @Gaby - You're right. Exercise needs to be enjoyable, and sometimes relaxation is more important than a good workout!