Tuesday, September 07, 2010

labor day weekend adventures

I'm back, after a long and relaxing staycation here in good old Nacogdoches. We briefly considered a day trip to Houston, but them remembered that we're going to a wedding in Massachusetts this month and decided against it. It's all a part of my renewed effort to get my finances under control, pay off debt, and save money. Nathan and I have been talking about the future a lot lately, and saving money is much easier when you have tangible goals and a life plan.

So: no trip to Houston. Instead, we made our own adventure at home, socialized like veritable butterflies, shot guns, ran many miles, drank an extraordinary amount of coffee, and had a date at the park with mimosas and the two best dogs in the world. It was, in a word, perfect. In order, roughly:

Saw the First Friday Film Addicted to Plastic at the Cole Art Center and got depressed; brought some friends home from the film for beer drinking and music listening and felt better; went to Saturday morning yoga and got my stretch on; traveled to Lufkin in hopes of finding the perfect dress to wear to the Massachusetts wedding; did not find a perfect dress; baked chocolate chip cookies, black bean chili and cornbread and hosted game night; forgot that Belgium is a country and not a city that begins with B; came in second place at Scattergories; woke up early on Sunday and ran ten glorious miles in cool weather; drank mimosas at the park with Nathan and the dog after the run; realized I still needed to eat actual food and devoured a vegan pizza in about seven seconds; drove to Mark's land and shot guns at hand drawn targets; made vegan potato salad and rode bikes to E and G's little house, where they prepared a delicious feast on their homemade grill; had the best ever grilled bread; ate so much good food, I thought I would explode; became amazed at the fact that even after six years, we are still meeting good, interesting, funny, and kind people in this little town; slept until nearly 8am on Monday; went to yoga at 10 and then had coffee after with three wonderful girlfriends; rode my scooter a lot, and felt confident; borrowed a perfect dress for the wedding from Eralda; made a favorite dinner (chickpea cutlets, roasted potatoes, and asparagus); took the dogs for an evening walk; watched three episodes of Battlestar Galactica; went to sleep tired, happy, and in love with my weekends.

How was your holiday?


  1. Your weekend sounds fantastic (and I got to be a part of it!) and your wrist looks teeny tiny with that huge Garmin on it. :)

  2. It is really not that huge! It's only kind of huge. But I love it all the same!

  3. I love when grounded, sensible people shoot guns. It really makes me happy. I don't get the chance that much.

  4. @runvegan - That is an awesome comment. I never shot a gun until I moved to Texas, but now we go pretty often.

  5. It sounds like a really relaxing holiday weekend! I love the shot of the coffee and of your Garmin reading that perfect 10!

    I spent all day yesterday working on various academic projects, but not all of them were class prep, so I consider it a half-way holiday. :)

  6. I, too, played Scattergories and WON! Yay, me! Also had an absolutely wonderful baby shower for the little bundle of baby girl joy that's coming soon and now I'm drowning in pink, but kind of loving it.

    Glad you had a great weekend, holiday weekends are the BEST.

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend! Staycations are the best!

  8. Sounds like an awesome weekend!

    I saw Addicted to Plastic a few years ago and I've been depressed ever since. In fact, I didn't buy orange juice in the store today (and I want orange juice so badly!) because all of the containers were plastic or coated with plastic. :-/

    LOVE that latte pic!
    Our weekend was hectic. Too many guests, too many pets, too many activities - and we will NEVER DO IT AGAIN! At least, not with MY family. It was horrible. John and I are still bitching about it from time to time. I'll probably have to hash it all out in writing before I finally get over it.

  9. @Erica - looking forward to reading you hash it out. That never fails to help me get over something. Sorry you had a stressful weekend, but hey - four day work week! Woot!