Friday, October 15, 2010

friday +/-

Hello, Friday! So glad to see you. This week went by pretty quickly, for which I was grateful, and I was able to tweak my schedule a bit, which has made me feel a hundred times more centered and less stressed. But first, the not-so-good.

- As I wrote on Twitter yesterday, Calvin sort of destroyed Nathan's favorite plant. We went for a run on Tuesday night and decided to let the baby gate down. When we got home less than an hour later, Calvin and Seamus were fine, except for the fact that there were about five piles of green puke placed strategically on the living room carpet. We examined the puke, trying to figure out what Calvin had eaten, when Nathan looked up and, in one moment, had his heart broken. You see, Nathan has a large plant - a tree fern - which he loves. He bought the plant from a local nursery three years ago, half off because it was half dead, and nursed it back to health. It is (excuse me, was) doing well, until Calvin decided to methodically eat the leaves from every frond except for the one he couldn't reach. Needless to say, Nathan was upset and I got to clean up all the puke. Oh, Calvin. Why can't you just be a good dog?

- I am currently growing my hair out. While the short 'do was fun, I have since discovered that short hair is a lot more work than long hair. With long hair, you can go months without getting a cut and hardly anyone will notice. There are braids, pony-tails, and buns, all of which are quite forgiving. Operation Grow My Hair is in full effect, but I'm currently in the middle stage when I just kind of look like a shaggy dog who needs a trim. I am holding out, but it's hard. That pony-tail will be mine.

- I'm kind of underwhelmed by my graduate fiction workshop this semester. I feel like I got really lucky with the first class I took at SFA - the students were talented, and engaged, and astute readers, and I made friends, improved my writing, and got a ton out of the experience. Every class since then has been a sort of steady downhill. I think my time would be better spent working on my own writing instead of reading and critiquing others, so next semester it will be just me and my laptop. Oh, and my MFA applications. Can't forget about that.

And now for the so-good!

+ After hemming and hawing, I have decided to begin transitioning into evening runs. Listen: I love running in the morning! I like getting it done first thing, because at the end of the day I am often tired, hungry, and in need of a beer, which is prime conditions for skipping an evening run. However, I also love writing in the morning - the house is quiet and my brain works best first thing. And since writing is more important than running (I'll never win a marathon, but I WILL publish a novel) writing should get the best version of me that I have to give. This is the first week that I've tried running at night, and so far it's not so bad. I remember a time, not so long ago, when I wondered if I could hack it as a morning runner, and we all know how that turned out. You see, I have a problem with finding something that works and then sticking with it, even if it stops working. Changing that habit is hard, but worth it.

+ On Tuesday, I had a sushi lunch date with some girlfriends and some super cute newborns. On Thursday, I had a sushi lunch date with my office, in honor of Boss's Day and the fact that we all love our boss. Two sushi lunch dates in one week? Bliss.

+ Our bi-monthly literary reading is this Saturday and nearly 40 people have already RSVP-ed on Facebook. We usually get more than actually RSVP, so I'm expecting a good turnout. Plus, the college newspaper did a little article on the event, interviewing me via email, and it came out really well. Three cheers for good press!

+ I'm excited for the weekend. Not only is there a literary reading, but there's also time to finish home projects, clean the apartment properly, go for a long run (15 miles? Perhaps!) and have a coffee date with Nathan at the new shop in town, which has gotten pretty good reviews. I'm also going to decorate my porch a little, in honor of the fall season. I never really decorate, so this should be a fun change.

I hope you have a great weekend too! See you on Monday.