Friday, October 08, 2010

last minute lists

Before I launch into my weekly +/- list, I need to tell y'all something. And that something is that I have been BUSY. Busy with what, you might ask? Because, if a lady is as busy as I purport to be, she must surely have a stack of lists with items carefully crossed off, projects that are completed and filed away, the crisp pages of a perfect writing portfolio printed out and ready to be reviewed. Dear Reader, the truth is that I have accomplished nothing. There is still one section of the kitchen floor that needs new tile, I have not written or revised anything in weeks, and the yoga newsletter is a week overdue (again). I feel like a headless chicken, and it's making me very agitated.

This weekend, I plan to lock myself away and finish everything that is currently languishing. (Well, locked away except for when we camp in Tyler and then run the Tyler Rose Half Marathon on Sunday. Except for that.)  Sunday evening, I am going to have a sit down with myself, identify the goals that I need to complete between now and the end of the year, and then figure out how to make those goals my Number One Priorities. My social life may suffer, my meals will become simpler, and who knows when I'll have time to catch up on The Office. But there are things I need to get done, and I have not been doing them, and this cannot continue! But that's next week. For now, it's Friday and I am oh so happy to see this week end. Here's the run down:

On the - list. 
- SO BUSY! Work has been busy, my evenings have been busy, I haven't figured out how to balance my class with my MFA revising with my social life with my dog walking with my yoga with my marathon training. But I just spent two paragraphs discussing that so you already know all about it. But in case you don't: SO BUSY!

- This week, Nathan revealed that my homemade pesto has been on a steady decline for weeks now. Apparently, I am heavy handed with both lemon and garlic, and he asked me - sincerely! - if there was any basil in it. I guess I'm not a natural chef who can toss things into a blender the aid of measuring spoons and emerge with something inexplicably delicious after all. Back to the cookbooks I go.

And on the + list:
+ Calvin had a vet appointment today and when he was placed on the scale, the number shot up to 62. Sixty two! I knew he was getting big, but I had no idea he was that big. To me, he still seems like a tiny little puppy. Then again, "little" is a relative term, especially when Seamus clocks in at 105. It's a good thing I love big dogs! BBD 4-EVA!

+ Twas a good week of training. I made it two yoga classes and even got into side crow on one side! I've also run twice and would have run this morning if not for the Half Marathon on Sunday. A mini-taper, if you will. I even convinced Nathan to come to a yoga class. He used to come all the time but now he's a slacker. I think he needs the cross-training and stressing, especially as marathon training heats up. I'm going to make convince him to come tomorrow morning, too.

+ Good reads on the 'net. Last week, I told y'all about A Practical Wedding, which I was (and still am) obsessing over. Add to the list Sugar at The Rumpus, who is (and is so much more than) and advice columnist. Her replies to the heartfelt, desperate, and achingly honest inquiries she receives can not be missed. Sugar will change your life for the better or, better yet, make you want to change your life yourself. A snippet from a recent column that I'm still fired up over:
Do you know what that is, sweat pea? To be humble? The word comes from the Latin words humilis and humus. To be down low. To be of the earth. To be on the ground. That’s where I went when I wrote the last word of my first book. Straight onto the cool tile floor to weep. I sobbed and I wailed and I laughed through my tears. I didn’t get up for half an hour. I was too happy and grateful to stand. I had turned 35 a few weeks before. I was two months pregnant with my first child. I didn’t know if people would think my book was good or bad or horrible or beautiful and I didn’t care. I only knew I no longer had two hearts beating in my chest. I’d pulled one out with my own bare hands. I’d suffered. I’d given it everything I had.
Read the whole thing. Read everything. And then, have the best weekend ever.