Tuesday, November 23, 2010

30 for 30: day 12

We're just over a third of the way through the 30 for 30 challenge, and I'm beginning to remix some of my items. Exciting! I have been making a few substitutions along the way, as Texas weather is unpredictable and bizarre and while I want to succeed at the challenge, I also want to stay healthy and be comfortable. For example: we are, at this moment, two days out from Thanksgiving and it is currently a balmy 85 degrees outside. Which means, time to ditch the tights and get as many more wears out of my open-toe shoes as possible. I feel okay about the substitutions, especially since La Historiadora de Moda, a seasoned styler, has done the same thing, and because I will still end the month with 30 items total. Solidarity!

I'm a fan of today's outfit! I'm back to tucking in my shirt, because it looks so much more put-together than the alternative. Black and white is a classic combination, so I feel extra fancy for a Tuesday. Or any day, really. And because I've started wearing my hair up again, I feel more comfortable rocking my extensive collection of dangly earrings. All in all, a good day!

I bought these earrings on Etsy a few years ago. Despite their awesome size, they're made from a very light weight wood, which my ears appreciate. Also, if you don't go to Etsy first for just about everything, you're really missing out!