Friday, November 19, 2010

good mood blogger video and voting

Phase II of the SAM-e Good Mood Blogger Gig starts TODAY, which means you can finally watch my application video and begin voting again in earnest! For those of you who might have forgotten, I'm a finalist to win an awesome job blogging five days a week for six months, for a vitamin supplement company. The gig pays $30,000 AND I get a brand new laptop upon which to make my blogging magic happen. Obviously, I would love to win this job! You can help by voting every day from now until December 10th. In Phase I, the top 20 was based purely by who had the most votes. In Phase II, voting counts for 20%, and the company's decision counts for 80%. So while I don't need to be number one in votes, the higher number I have, the better!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. Chrissy, on video!

I thought I would be super shy and embarrassed about filming myself, but I've watched this so many times now that I think I'm numb to it. Numb, but also proud! I wrote the script and came up with most of the scenes, and my friend Jeromy filmed and edited it, making my hackneyed ideas into a beautiful reality. I love the shots of my dogs, because my dogs are awesome, and the indoor scenes are all in my apartment. It took forever to film, but I'm really happy with the final product. Video blogging is totally outside my comfort zone, so I consider this experiment a success no matter who wins the job.

Still, it would be nice if that winner were me! So don't forget to vote today and every day, and please feel free to tell your friends. And your family. And your neighbors. And your mailman... you get the idea. :)

Thanks for all your help and support in this crazy endeavor so far! It's been a blast and I'm excited to see how far we can get.