Wednesday, November 03, 2010

november goals

A new month, a new chance to get things done! This month, in addition to writing goals, I'm going to throw in a few fitness/cooking/life goals as well. Because more goals = more fun! Right? Right! But first, a recap of last month.

My October goals were as follows:
  • Decide which stories to include in MFA writing sample and then revise, revise, revise. I'm pretty sure I know the second story that I'll be using. It's actually the same story I used last year, but it's been revised heavily over the last year. Is using the same stories a bad idea? I'm not really applying to any of the same schools (except for one) so I think it's okay. Therefore, check.
  • Being drafting personal statement. I haven't started this yet. fail.
  • Study for the GRE. Every morning, Nathan walks the dogs while I get up at 5:30am, brew a pot of coffee, and work through my GRE study guide. It's totally awesome. Not. check.
  • Contact professors for letters of recommendation and deliver them a list with deadlines. Done and done! check.
  • Decide if I want to pay Driftless House to critique my stories, and if so, send them my portfolio. I'm leaning towards no on this one, even though I love having other people read my work and give me their opinions. But it's something like $350 for a review, and application fees are going to be expensive enough. So, I'm probably going to skip Driftless House. check.

Pretty good, if I do say so myself! Though, if we're being honest, my goals last month were not too intense. This month is going to be different. For November:

  • Submit MFA applications. My first deadline is December 1st, and if I'm going to submit one I might as well submit them all.
  • Take and ace the GRE. Still studying. Still November 17th. Still ugh.
  • Run 100 miles. Last month, when I was halfheartedly training for the marathon, I still managed to rack up 93 miles. Pretty awesome, considering my all time record for one month is only 98!
  • Read more. I'm only at 13 books for the year, and my goal was 25. For shame. I want to finish my current book and read the next one in my pile before the month is up.
  • No restaurants, lattes or eating food that was not prepared in my own home. It's only one month, and this will allow me to save up some money. Important, as Christmas is right around the corner. The only exception to this goal will be our trip to San Antonio for the race on the 14th. And maybe Thanksgiving, depending on what we do and where we go. 

So, November will be busy. I'm okay with that. It will make December - sweet, sweet December, when the GRE is a memory and applications are submitted and I get a nice, long VACATION - all the more sweeter.

But first: November. It's on.