Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly +/-

First of all, thank you for all the lovely comments on my kitchen tour! Y'all really know how to make a lady blush. I can't wait to show off some more of our home improvement projects which means, of course, that we'll actually have to finish the projects we're started. Three cheers for motivation! 

As for our weekly-ish list of the good, the bad, and the better... 

- I feel like I'm on the verge of catching a cold. Scratchy throat, slight cough, sluggish. This could also be blamed on the fact that the pollen count is extra high (hello, winter in Texas!), it's been a frigid 30 degrees most days, and marathon training is peaking. (I finally had a very successful 20 miler! Huzzah!) Just in case, I've been going to bed early, drinking lots of water, and eating tons of fruit. I will not get sick before the marathon!

- All week long I have been doing tons of math at work. With a calculator, yes, but still. Math. Blah.

- Only made it to one yoga class this week, and I can feel it. I miss you, yoga.

- Still saddened and shocked by the tragedy that rocked our university community earlier this week. If you want to make donations or contribute to a scholarship fund, information is here

A tough week, to be sure. But there's always a bright side.

+ I ran an awesome 20 miler this week! I kept an average pace of 10:13 and felt strong until nearly the end, at which point I was mentally done. Considering my average pace for the Austin Marathon was 10:53, I think I'm in much better shape for this year's race. Fingers crossed!

+ I've been doing a lot of cross training at work, which has been (mostly) interesting and has kept me busy. I feel like I'm finally starting to understand the grant world. Yay for new skills!

+ I am 100% in love with Appetite for Reduction. It's Isa's newest health-focused vegan cookbook, but everything I've made from it so far tastes incredibly indulgent. And since most dishes are between 200-400 calories, I can eat twice as much! Win!

+ My efforts to write 30 minutes a day AND read more are both beginning to stick. I'm a quarter of a way through I Am Charlotte Simmons (which is a big book, so that's actually impressive) and have been writing regularly. I'm even thinking I might... maybe... possibly... start working on... a novel? I don't. It's just an idea right now, but a very intriguing one. Stay tuned for some good writerly posts next week!

As for the weekend... 

I have a fun trip planned to see an old friend, which I'm very much looking forward to. Food, drinks, and maybe an out of town yoga class? We'll see! I hope you've got a fun and safe weekend planned as well. Happy Friday!