Monday, March 07, 2011

Weekly Writing Goals - Week 1

As I mentioned in my last post, I plan to start posting my writing goals for the upcoming week each Monday, in order to 1. keep myself motivated, 2. hold myself accountable, 3. make real progress on my path to Published Writer, and 4. totally bore my blog readers, many of whom would rather see photos of my dogs than read the minutiae of artistic benchmarks. To be honest, sometimes I would rather take pictures of my dogs than do the dirty work or actually writing. Alas, we all must make sacrifices for those things that truly matter.

To me, writing matters. Therefore, I plan to do the following things by this time next week in order to become a better writer: 
  • Submit my short story "The Wedding" to Ploughshares Emerging Fiction Writer's Contest
  • Identify five literary journals to which my short story "Distance" can be submitted. Submit. 
  • Begin revisions on creative nonfiction piece, "Dread." This essay is about my first year at college, during which time I dreadlocked my hair, studied Buddhism and found myself (in a nutshell). I love this essay - it was my first foray into nonfiction - and I received some great suggestions for revision the last time I sent it to journals. Time to revise and resubmit! 
  • Write the yoga studio's newsletter. I do this every month (plus some other Facebook, blog and various marketing duties) in exchange for my membership. It's a very good deal. 
  • Begin something new. I've spent the last few months focusing on MFA applications and revising and submitting all my old stories. I'm ready to switch gears and get back to creating. 
That should keep me pretty busy this week. I'll let y'all know how it goes next Monday!