Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday +/-

 A study of texture. 1,2,3.

This was one of those weeks that seems never ending. Each morning I woke up thinking we were a day ahead - that Tuesday was Wednesday and Wednesday was Thursday. It is finally Friday and I couldn't be happier.

This week, the downs were pretty low.

- I attended the funeral of my friend's father, which got me mulling over death and dying and just generally feeling sad for people I love.

- I am broke! I lent Nathan money early in the month thinking I had enough to carry me through until his second paycheck. (I get paid once a month, he gets paid twice.) I was wrong. Stupid math.

-My knee is still feeling tight after the half marathon this past Saturday so I haven't been running much this week. Even though I need to rest it so it doesn't get worse, I miss my morning runs! Lesson learned: if you plan to run a race, make sure you train properly.

Overall, though, it was a mostly stellar week.

+ I met my good friend Sonnie at the gym during our lunch breaks for a weight session. I've been meaning to make a commitment to strength training and this was the first step. My goal is to lift weights two to three times a week, to compliment my running and yoga. Weights always make me feel great; it's finding the time to fit them in that's tough. Lunch dates with good friends are a huge help.

+ We're re-watching season three of Mad Men right now, one episode a night before we go to bed. I love that show. Definitely the best series on the air right now.

+ Seamus had been having stomach problems the last few weeks - needing to go outside and eat grass in the middle of the nigh, a rumbly stomach, messy stool. We took him to the vet and basically came to the conclusion that he has food allergies. So now he's on a fancy (IE, expensive) food for sensitive stomachs. Even though it's only been about a week, I can already see a huge difference in his behavior and the way he carries himself. He just seems so relaxed and comfortable. I only wish we had taken him to the vet sooner.

+ I successfully filed me taxes this week (with moments to spare!) and was pleased to see my refund was bigger than I expected. I guess student loan interest payments are good for something.

+ Tomorrow evening, I'm headed to a conference in Houston for university grant administrators. It's my first conference for this field and I'm excited - mostly for the food and fun of Houston, but still. It should be a learning experience no matter what, and (nerd alert!) just think of all the new places I can check in on foursquare!

That about sums up my week. How was yours?