Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Nice Surprise in a Pick Up Truck

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To the Dude in His Pick Up Truck that Yelled at Me This Morning:

It was 7:00am. I had just sprinted to the end of a five mile run and was walking the quarter of a mile to my apartment. Your horn - two beep beeps, short and quick - sounded friendly and so, instead of giving you what I give the majority of men who honk and then leer at me simply because I have a vagina and the audacity to be in plain view (that is, the finger) I turned my head and glanced towards your truck, thinking you were, perhaps, a friend.

You were not a friend, and you shouted something at me. At first I was confused because I am not used to hearing that sort of thing. Usually, men in cars yell at me to suck them, scream something about my ass, or simply let out a long hoot, much like a hyena or some other uncivilized animal. So you can understand my confusion when instead you yelled, "How far?"

"Five miles," I yelled back. I help up my left hand with all my fingers - not just the middle one! - splayed out in case you couldn't hear me. You heard. You gave me a thumbs up and a smile, nodded your head vigorously, and then sped off down the highway. And I walked home, grinning the whole way.

So thank you, Dude in His Pick Up Truck that Yelled at Me This Morning. Thanks for being different and kind and for celebrating a stranger's small, early morning accomplishment on the side of the highway at 7:00am. I hope you're having a great day.