Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Puppy Love

I had to go home today so the Fix-It-Guy could fix our stove. Two weeks ago while innocently broiling tofu, the heating element caught on fire. I called Nathan into the kitchen and he was about to put out the flames when I yelled, "Wait! The tofu!" He retrieved the tofu and then extinguished the fire. Good thing too, because I was very hungry and that tofu was dinner. Priorities.

At any rate, the Fix-It-Guy came, the heating element was replaced and I am $85 poorer. While I was home waiting for him to show up, I took some photos of the dogs. I haven't posted any pictures of them in a while and worried that y'all missed their furry faces. Also, if anyone has any tricks for photographing black dogs I would be much obliged. I feel like the darkness of their fur eclipses so much of their personality. C'est la vie. They are still awesome and adorable and the best two dogs ever.

Seamus gazes out the window from his spot on the couch.

"Why, hello. Don't you smell lovely today!"

Calvin looks innocent, doesn't he? Ha!

I really love folds of his neck. He's just about a year now and still growing into some of his extra skin. 

Also while I was home: fifteen minutes of barking and howling while the university aired it's monthly emergency siren practice. Our neighbors must love us!