Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello friends! I hope you had a good weekend and, if you're in the USA, a good Memorial Day weekend. I had four full days off from work and I took advantage of them the best way I knew how. There were nights with friends, days on the river, afternoons at the park with dogs and beer, a morning spent in a tattoo shop and lots of cleaning and organizing around the house. A great balance of productivity and relaxation and my only regret is that it had to end. Here are a few photos and snippets of the highlights.

On Friday morning I accompanied Sonnie to the tattoo shop. Our friend Ruby, a tattoo apprentice, had recently completed a certification course for cosmetic tattooing. Sonnie decided to take advantage of this by getting her eyeliner done. I have no tattoos myself but most of my friends do. I love tattoos but I can't think of anything that I want to carry around on my skin for the rest of my life. Cosmetic tattooing seems like a good compromise - you get the thrill of ink, but in such a way that it doesn't even look like you're sporting a tattoo! Nice for thrill seekers and people like myself, who are too lazy to regularly apply make up. Ruby was a true professional and Sonnie said it didn't hurt much. I don't know if I would actually go through with something like this, but it was a cool process to watch nonetheless. Also, hanging with my ladies is always a good time, even if one is sticking the other with a tiny needle.

Friday night was spent first eating sushi and then at the Pine Knot, an old church which gets overtaken once a month by local musicians. We drank beers in pews and caught up with an old friend who was in town with his new wife. I don't take advantage of this quirky, small town event nearly enough so it was good to stop by and enjoy the company, the beers and the music.

While we were partying with our friends at the Pine Knot, the dogs spent the evening partying in Amy and David's backyard. I love this photo.

Most of Saturday was spent cleaning the house, making a mess while brewing our third ever batch of beer, and then cleaning the house again because brewing beer is messy work. This was our most successful brewing operation process-wise - we seem to have the steps down and I am beginning to understand why we're doing things instead of simply how. Progress!

Very early Sunday morning we left for our canoe trip. We had planned to do two days of canoeing, camping on the river bank after the first day. The water was higher than the last time we canoed and we were able to breeze past many of the log jams that gave us trouble a few weeks ago. We also booked it - we covered almost 12 miles in just over five hours, plus an hour long break for lunch. By the time we finished the first section, we were exhausted and zapped from the hot and humid weather. (100 degrees in the sun, at least!) We decided to skip the second leg AND the camping and head home for air conditioning, cold showers and sleep. It was the right decision - I got to have an adventure on the river but I also got an extra day at home. And oh, how I love days at home!

When we returned one of the canoes to a co-worker of Nathan's, I took some glamor shots of their chickens. They've been kind enough to give us some of their eggs and I made sure to thank each of the chickens personally. I think they appreciated the gesture.

We finished our perfect holiday weekend on Monday, with morning yoga and then a two hour park date. Amy brought one of their dogs and David flew a kite; our dogs rolled in the grass, lounged in the shade and turned sticks into toothpicks; many beers were consumed. And then we saw Bridesmaids, which was very funny and surprisingly sweet. It was the perfect end to a great weekend.