Thursday, July 21, 2011

Packing, Progress and Mimosas

Preparing to move has been our full time job for the last three days and it finally feels like we're making some progress. Yesterday's cleaning and packing spree was fueled by mimosas, which helped greatly.

Yesterday we focused on the office. We cleared it of our belongings (which was a ton of stuff - everything that didn't fit anywhere else ended up in the office), cleaned the carpet and then spackled the millions of tiny holes in the walls. I swear I am never using another thumbtack again for as long as I live.

The office, before.

Today we have to do the same in the living room and the kitchen. The bedroom has a bunch of odds and ends - we never kept much in there anyway. Bedrooms are for sleeping. Everywhere else is for clutter.

We have our work cut out for us.

The bedroom. Or, what's left of it.

After the paint was touched up and the carpet dry, we moved most of our boxes of belongings into the office. We needed to free up the rest of the apartment so we could clean the other rooms, and also Nathan wanted to arrange the boxes and furniture as if they were in a moving truck, so he could judge how big a U-Haul we'll need. The photo below shows most of our stuff, with the exception of a few boxes, our mattress, one scooter and a motorcycle. Basically, we're going to need a big truck.

I'll be honest. Right now, we're drinking coffee and watching Escape From the Planet of the Apes. We recently bought all the original films and this one is by far the best. Once it's over we're going to start packing and cleaning again in earnest. Until then, I must get off the computer and see what those crazy apes are going to do next.