Monday, July 11, 2011

A Weekend in Bullets

Another weekend spent accomplishing my July goals, which was to not have too many goals. Hello, sweet success! Instead of writing, reading, packing, cleaning or making headway on the small fixes our apartment needs before the sale is final, I spent the weekend:
  • Attending my favorite 90 minute yoga class at the studio, stretching and bending while sweat poured down my face and on to my mat. 
  • Going blueberry picking with friends at a place just outside the loop. I picked four pounds, Nathan snagged five. Which means I have nine pounds of blueberries that I have to use up before we move. Expect a bunch of blueberry recipes this week! 
  • Making blueberry jam at Amy's house while drinking beers and feasting on blue corn chips, guacamole and hummus.
  • Playing two games of Settlers of Catan with two of our nerdiest couple-friends. (And I mean nerdy in the nicest way! Nerds unite!) 
  • Running five super sweaty and humid miles. Kept a 10:00 minute pace and nearly passed out when I was done. 
  • Taking the dogs to the lake for three hours. Calvin swam further and longer than ever before and Seamus made his usual circles around us pretty much the whole time. It was a blast. 
  • Watching three episodes of True Blood and trying to stay awake at least until the sun went down at 9pm. Barely made it.

All in all, it was a pretty great weekend. I apologize (again) for the abundance of iPhone photos, but it's so much easier than carrying around my bulky camera and this is, after all, my Summer of Fun. I'm too busy enjoying myself to meticulously document every moment and that's okay. In fact, it's necessary.

Come back tomorrow for an iPhone-laden and Instagramed-up recipe for blueberry jam, which will kick off my week of Blueberry Recipes. Until then!