Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project 365: Week 1

First of all, I want to thank everyone who took the time to comment on my last post about having it all. I really enjoyed reading your thoughtful responses, even if some of you felt you needed more coffee to truly make sense. I knew what you meant and it was perfect. ;)

Today I'm switching gears with a lighter post. For years, I've watched and admired people who have completed Project 365 - a photo every day, for a whole year. I've thought about taking on the challenge many times but felt intimidated and overwhelmed at the prospect. Then three big things happened at about the same time. I moved from Nacogdoches, TX to Wilmington, NC, I'm about start my MFA program, and I turned 29. I can't think of a better time to document a year of my life then one full of huge change, new challenges and the end of my twenties.

I've decided to post my photos once a week, so as not to overwhelm my readers or turn this into a daily photo blog. Plus I like the idea of having a visual way to look back on each week. Just to warn you: I'm not the best photographer and find myself looking for photos or scenes that tell a story, and I predict that there will be times I'll get frustrated and feel uninspired and take a bunch of photos of my dogs. If you've done a Project 365 challenge before and have any advice or tips, please share them. I will need all the help I can get.

I started this challenge on August 11, 2011. Here are my photos from week one.

Day One: Nathan is going to build a lot of the furniture for our new house. There's an amazing store near us that sells gorgeous wood. We spent a few hours learning about and looking at the different varieties.

Day Two: We came home in the middle of a crazy storm and realized that our driveway is more of a river when it rains. We practically had to swim to the front door. On our list of home improvements: clean out and replace the rain gutters. ASAP.

Day Three: This crazy spider lives in the back of my yard. I mostly steer clear of her - I took this photo using the zoom on my camera.

Day Four: Buckwheat noodles, tofu, veggies and peanut sauce. I've promised myself that I will try to limit the food photos to one a week.

Day Five: A can of PBR. Nathan and I are pretty snobby about beer, but now that I'm poor and back in school, I am trying to acquire a taste for the less-fine things in life. PBR is actually not that bad. We drank quite a bit of it during trivia night at a bar. My team (mostly MFA people from my program) won. That might have been because we had the biggest team, but I can't say for sure.

Day Six: Every time I am downtown in Wilmington, I see this trolley driving around. One day I will ride it and see where it goes.

Day Seven: My first friend in the program is named E. and she has this awesome rhino head in her apartment. Don't worry - it's not real.

Thanks for looking! I'll be posting my Project 355 photos every Thursday until August of 2012. I'm already looking forward to next week. :)


  1. Lovely!  It seems like for you, each picture will be a little story in and of itself.  I'm looking forward to seeing more snippets of your life in NC.

  2. Awesome!! I'm personally not one for wordy captions, but since you're entering into a creative writing program, perhaps some of your daily pictures can inspire short stories. My advice (as I am on day 150 of my 3rd attempt here) Shoot early in the day, especially if your day is full. I always like to have a back-up photo just in case. Upload daily, even if you don't post, it can be overwhelming to catch up and organize. I've learned to make it part of my nightly routine, it's not so bad. You'll find yourself saying "yes" to even more adventures now because you say to yourself "ooh, maybe I can get a shot for the day." Have fun, I can't wait to see more!

    And here's a link to a public album of my Project 365 (

  3. The spider, I believe, is a Golden Garden Spider: pretty much harmless, but yeah they look scary, we have them up here too. 

    As to the 365 Project, I'll just quote Ansel Adams: "12 significant photographs in any one year is a good crop." You're going to take a lot of crap. It's just the way it is. The point is not to take 365 great pictures. The point is to bore you to the point that you finally start looking at things differently and you change your perspective in hopes of getting better photo's. Sort of like going out into the desert with no food or water in order to talk to "God". 

    Good luck! 

  4. Wow, your driveway river is impressive!  And I feel you on the PBR...though I normally went for Highlife if possible :)

  5. love the photo project. you could totally make a photo book on shutterfly as a keepsake!

  6. Love the spider, love the rhino. I tried a photo blog. Ran out of photos fast because sorting through all of my pics was too big a chore! Hope to try this challenge out some time! And would love to see Nathan's handiwork!

  7. Thanks! That is my aim for the project. A picture story. :)

  8.  Thanks lady! It goes without saying that you're my main 365 inspiration. Your advice to shoot early has already come in handy. :)

  9.  Photography is a lot like writing. You have to get through the crap to get to the good stuff. Thanks for the advice!

  10. It's already proven tough. Next week's photos will be less exciting, I fear. Oh well. If it was easy it wouldn't be a challenge!

  11. I love when you take on a challenge; it always makes me feel like I should be doing something creative.

  12. I initially came to your blog for an I am Charlotte Simmons review [ps i hated it] but I am totally loving what I see!! I'm a runner too! I've been trying to do a Project 365, but I am so nervous to do so! I did a Summer Photo Challenge and loved it, and kept in track with it, posting daily. 

    Hmm... you seem to have piqued my interest... ;) 

    Look forward to seeing more! 

  13. I'm loving the photos and constantly missing you. Looks like y'all will need a kayak to make it down your driveway!

  14. Don't sell yourself short! Those were really good pics. I also love your idea of posting the 365 project once a week. I thought about doing it in the past but didn't know if I'd want to or be able to post a pic every single day. Good luck with it!

  15. This is great Chrissy! I totally fell off the Project 365 bandwagon. I need to hop back on. I liked the discipline of taking a picture each day, but at times, it was hard. Sometimes it was a pic of my dimly lit egg sandwich for breakfast. Creativity comes and goes! I also struggled with how to caption mine. I think I started to make most of them short, but then I sort of liked to read longer captions on other people's blogs. So, maybe mix it up? Or just do what feels right.

    You've definitely inspired me to pick up this project again!

  16. I love this idea. I have seen it before. I thought of doing it. I take far too many pictures each day and thought even if I focused on one, it would be better.  But I never did it. 

    I like the idea of posting once a week. I might do some sort of summary post each week with a photo of the day that best represents something. Also that would help me if I'm really behind on posting (I am 12 daily posts behind now and I even have other ones up my sleeves but never get to them.)