Monday, August 01, 2011

TX > LA > MS > AL > GA

Yesterday we left Texas and drove all the way to Atlanta. I have many thoughts about the fact that I no longer live in Nacogdoches, but I haven't really processed them yet. All I've had time to do is drive. Here are some photos and stats from the road so far.

States driven through: 5
Miles covered: 719
Hours spent in the car: 14
Ounces of coffee consumed: 48
Number of times I listened to the Juno soundtrack, which was the only CD in the car: 25
Number of times I saw an identical Budget moving truck and wasn't sure which one to follow: 2
Percent of time the dogs spent sleeping like angels: 94
"I can't believe I'm leaving Texas" crying jags: 8
Miles left to drive today: 392

Next stop: North Carolina! Until then.

PS: This is my first time blogging from my phone. The future is crazy! I hope it looks normal. If not, I'm sorry and I promise to fix it later.


  1. Blogging from the phone looks fine just fine! The part about being confused by other Budget trucks made me laugh. Hope the rest of your journey is easy!

  2. This post is terrific, Chrissy.  I love that you wrote it on your phone, and it looks great.

    That's very good that the dogs are doing okay while in transit!  It's a big move for all of you.

    Until North Carolina...xoxo

  3. I love you and am glad you only have a little bit left to go. Safe travels today.

  4. I know those crying jags :(  But the pics are great & I hope the trip is going well!  Safe travels today!!

  5. Blog from your phone looks very cool. The post has a very vintage look, which is totally appropriate!

  6. Just wanted to share that when my husband and I first bought our house 2 years ago, the only CD we had in the house was the Juno soundtrack, so we spent two weeks priming, painting, sanding, and wallpaper removal listening to, blasting, singing along and committing the lyrics to memory of the JUNO soundtrack.  

    Even though we got thoroughly sick of it, the HUGE plus is that now every time we hear any song from it, we wax nostalgic about what an adventure it was, etc.   I hope you will have the same fond memories.

  7. I still have yet to blog from my phone. My brother does it. I guess it's easy. Maybe I should try it.

    Also I'm glad your dogs were angels. My cat was not an angel for our travels.

    1. It's pretty easy, especially if you download the Blogger app. Also, I just noticed that the photos in this post are a little fuzzy - I guess that's the downside of blogging by phone. Small price to pay!