Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Day to Celebrate

Happy National Coffee Day!

Yes, it's true. I have been informed by the ever-knowing Twitter that September 29 is National Coffee Day, which is a celebration I can definitely get behind. I wasn't always a coffee drinker. In fact, I didn't start drinking the good stuff until after I finished my undergraduate career, was working a boring job selling permits at the beach, and started bringing coffee to work spiked with Kahlua. (Hey - it was work, but it was STILL THE BEACH.) When I worked at the library we had a coffee pot in the common area of our department and my coffee drinking reached it's heights (but no Kahlua - see? I can stop anytime!). These days I like two cups in the morning, with a big splash of almond milk, and then I'm good to go.

Coffee! Let us celebrate you!

(In case you were wondering, I have some posts of substance brewing in the back of my head (get it? brewing? har har!) but school has been a hammer this week and my computer time has been devoted to reading, writing, revising and workshopping. Hopefully I will be able to finish my post about marathons and writing tomorrow, and then I have a doozy of an Adventures in Debt installment to share with you. Until then, drink up!)