Monday, October 24, 2011

Camping at Carolina Beach

There are two main beaches that are close to Wilmington - Wrightsville Beach, which is about ten miles away, and Carolina Beach, which is about 15. We spent the day Wrightsville Beach for my birthday back in August, but had not yet made it out to Carolina Beach. We were able to right that wrong this weekend, after we were invited on a last minute camping trip.

Sunrise over the beach.

Our trip was short and sweet. We packed up minimal gear, firewood, and two very excited pups, picked up the two friends with whom we were camping, and headed to the beach. The area we were aiming for is accessible by four wheel drive, which we don't have. This resulted in a lot of walking to drag our gear down the beach to the camping area (about a mile, give or take). Luckily, some nice guys with a truck drove our heavy bundles of firewood to our site for us, which was definitely the most cumbersome thing we would have had to carry. Three cheers for nice dudes at the beach!

Noon at the beach.

We did the usual - set up our tents, built a toasty fire, and drank the better part of a box of wine and a bottle of whiskey. I slept better in the tent than ever before - the soft sand, the sounds of the sea, and the sun coming up over the water in the morning kept me comfortable and warm. Plus two giant dogs make excellent snuggling partners. 

Our campsite.

Seamus looks for a couch, to no avail.

Calvin is very sleepy after a long night by the ocean.

It was a nice trip and an excellent break from the rush-rush-rush tempo at which I am currently living my life. Graduate school, I am finding, is a 24-7 gig - any time I'm home, I feel like I should be reading something, critiquing something, writing something. It takes getting away from my books and my laptop and the campus to really unwind, and I'm lucky that there is a beautiful beach less than 20 minutes away at which I can do just that.

Carolina Beach, I have a feeling we'll be seeing you again very, very soon!