Sunday, October 16, 2011

Have a Nice Trip. See You Next Fall.

Last Friday I left the house and set out for a six mile tempo run around the neighborhood. Less than a mile into my run (.71 of a mile, to be exact!) I tripped on the sidewalk and fell hard. I managed to scrape both my palms, skin my right knee, bruise my left knee, dent my Garmin, and a acquire a nice patch of road rash on my left hip. When it comes to falling, I don't mess around.

This photo doesn't do my injuries justice.

After I fell, I hobbled home where Nathan kindly cleaned out my wounds and bandaged me up. I didn't run for two days and things seemed to be healing as they should. This morning I met some friends at Greenfield Lake, despite being terribly hungover (a bottle of wine is not the best pre-run fuel, it turns out) and decided that between the headache and the knee, it was best to cut my planned run down to a slow and easy four miler. The run went fine, minus a few waves of nausea, and I felt significantly less hungover once it was over.

But now, hours later, my knee is throbbing and I'm limping around the house. Super annoying because the half marathon I've been training for is in three weeks and I want to get in at least two more long runs, not to mention speed work (I've been doing 800's and they are HARD). Plus the weather is perfect right now and it seems shameful to enjoy it from the comfort of a cup of coffee on the porch.

I can't complain too much, though. Recently my friend sprained her ankle during an ultra marathon and hasn't been able to run in weeks. Another friend was in a bike accident and broke his nose, fractured his cheek, and chipped some teeth. A few bloggers I enjoy have suffered various injuries which have cleared their race schedules for the foreseeable future. All I have is a banged up knee. I'm pretty lucky when you think about it.

Lucky, but disappointed about all the running and yoga I'm missing out on. I hope when my knee is 100% I'll remember this feeling and be grateful every time my sneakers slap against the street. Until then: patience (and pouting).