Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NYC, Long Island, and Wine

Times Square, y'all!

Hello, hello! Sorry for the disappearance, but as you can see from the photo above I spent the last few days in New York, visiting friends and family, pretending to be a tourist with Amy, and picking out bridesmaid dresses for the wedding. Here's a glimpse of my trip, which stretched from Times Square (pictured above) to the shores of Long Island. 

Union Square Farmers' Market

First things first: I flew into LaGuardia Thursday morning and waited for Amy's plane to arrive from Texas. I hadn't seen Amy since the morning we left Nacogdoches, and she had never seen New York, so it was an exciting reunion, to say the least. We spent that day and most of the next in the city, and managed to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. There was a visit to the Strand (best bookstore ever), a glass of wine at an outdoor cafe, a delicious lunch at Angelica Kitchen, a walk through the Union Square Farmers' Market, photos of Times Square, many subway rides (the HopStop app saved our lives more than once), a beer garden in Harlem, Indian food, and an amazing yoga class at Jivamukti. Such a great two days, and I think I managed to give Amy a proper NYC experience.

I love carrots.


My only self portrait of the trip. Look closely.


After a full Friday morning and afternoon in the city, Amy and I took the train back to Long Island, because we were spending the rest of our trip with my family. I was a bit nervous, as the suburbs of Long Island are decidedly less exciting than New York City, but we still managed to have a pretty good time. We visited the ocean (both the beach I used to work at, and the fancier shores of the Hamptons), we went to the movies, we drank too much wine (but only once! we must be growing up), we gathered five ladies and got them all into bridesmaid dresses they liked (no easy feat, and I'll probably write more about that later. Or maybe not. That's pretty much the whole story.) Overall, it was a fine balance of being productive and doing nothing in particular.

Long Island's South Shore

Monday was our last day on Long Island and I really wanted to do something fun, different, and quintessentially Long Island, to show Amy that we were not all strip malls and bagel shops. I can't remember who suggested it - my sister? my friend? - but whoever it was, was a genius. WINE TASTING. Long Island's North Fork is pretty famous for it's vineyards, a fact I never remember because I only lived there until I was eighteen years old and didn't start drinking until college. Better late than never, right?

I like the reds.

Off to the vineyards we went! I even convinced my mom to come, which was super fun (I adore my mom) and we picked up my best friend from high school on our way out east. We ended up visiting three wineries and sampling a delicious variety of beverages. Because it was a Monday and not quite summer, we had each place almost completely to ourselves, which was great.

Shinn Estates

Panda, the vineyard dog.


Bedell Cellars.

Fancy and modern.

Later that night, Amy and I made an amazing stir fry in my parents' kitchen and watched Glee with my youngest sister, which is the way every day of wine drinking on Long Island should end.  And the next morning, we headed back to LaGuardia, said goodbyes, and boarded our respective planes. There were less tears this time, because I know I'll see her again in November, if not sooner. Still - I wish Wilmington, Nacogdoches, and Long Island were closer. It would make saying goodbye so much easier.

Our final supper. Stir fry, naturally.

Today, I am back in North Carolina with a million things to do, the first of which is to find a damn job. New York is fun, but it is most certainly not cheap. I hope you all had a great weekend and I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of blogging and writing regularly. Especially since I have lots of chicken news to share - but I'll save that for tomorrow. Until then!