Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday +/-

I have to leave for work at the wine store in about 30 minutes, and I'm sitting at my computer, drinking coffee, reading Twitter, and wearing a sports bra. Naturally, I will take this time to write a +/- list for the last week, since I haven't done that in a while and I have a terrible sense of priorities.

Cute puppies are always on the + list.

First, the not-so-good. 

- We lost a bee hive. I have many sad photos of the hive, and lots to say about this set-back, so expect a long post about that next week. For now, know that I momentarily considered throwing in the towel on this whole homesteading thing, but that I came to my senses fairly quickly. Beekeeping has a steep learning curve, and it seems that we are sitting squarely at the bottom.

- This week has been crazy, because I am now working two part time jobs and yet still trying to do everything else that I used to have time for. Things like, oh, cleaning the house, and exercising, and taking care of the garden/chickens/dogs/Nathan/myself. I know that I'll fall into a groove soon, but for now I feel stressed and rushed at every moment. 

- Our dishwasher is broken, or something close to it. But washing dishes by hand is easier than dealing with our landlady, and so we trudge on.

But take heart, friends! There's a light at the end of the tunnel! 

+ Even though I just complained about it, I am really grateful to have two jobs and to be making enough money to do the things I need to do - like save for tuition, pay rent, and contribute to the wedding fund. Plus all my bosses are super cool, and sometimes I can go to work in my underwear. (That would be the social media/work from home job, not the wine store.) 

+ Half our bees may have gone, but the chickens are doing awesome. They're so big and fat, and they really seem to love the coop. Yesterday I went in to clean up a bit, and while I was crouched down, Georgia jumped onto my shoulder and hung out there, cooing, while I worked. Bliss! 

+ We went on a spontaneous night trip to the beach Wednesday evening, which aligned nicely with the summer solstice. I drank half a bottle of wine in the sand with some good friends, and it was relaxing and beautiful and perfect.

+ It's Friday. Isn't that enough? 

Your turn - how was your week? I hope the +'s outnumbered the -'s. And now I reallllllly need to get ready for work. Until next time!


  1. Sorry to hear about your bees! That had to be such a huge disappointment. I am happy to hear how well the chickens are doing!

  2. Really sad about the bees--any success of reintroducing some?

    Love the working in your underwear thing--those days are *always* the best!

  3. Sorry to hear about your bees. Cultivating things is a struggle. Believe me, I'm still learning the basics of gardening....

    My big minus this week is that ongoing financial woes are still ongoing, and my contract work is ending early next week, so I'm about to be unemployed. With bills to pay. BUT! It is the weekend, and I'm going to have a lovely trip to Galveston with one of my best friends.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the bee hive, but I'm glad to hear that the chickens are doing so well!

  5. I was sorry to see the post on Facebook about the bees. It made me sad. :( Working two part-time jobs IS hard. I've been wanting to quit one of mine for months (so I can clean more, exercise more, and spend more time with the dogs who now spend all day outside because they can't be trusted inside while we're gone) but I really like the money right now. Sigh...

  6. I am taking bee classes myself. Our bee teacher who is a long time experienced bee keeper says bees are going to swarm. He says there are many things you read will prevent this, but in fact few work. He says its just part of having bees. I don't know if yours swarmed and left? But from what he told us in class its not what you did or didn't do. This is part of Bees nature.