Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Sun, Sand, and Chickens

If it seems like we've spent the last five weekends working on the chicken coop, it's because we have. Luckily, we also found time this weekend to go to the beach. 

Because we live near the coast, we have a few beaches to choose from. I think we've decided that our favorite, so far, is Carolina Beach. Parking is cheap, most of the tourists have gone home by Sunday afternoon, and no one arrests you for sneaking beer onto the sand.

We spent a few hours lounging, drinking, swimming, and sunbathing. Most exciting, however, was that when we first arrived, we were looking out over the water and we saw DOLPHINS. They were leaping over the waves and seemed to be having a grand old time. Pretty awesome.

Summer, I love you.

When we were not at the beach, we were in the yard, hammering, drilling, and painting wood, then stretching wire and stapling it in place. We're so close to being done with the coop and moving the chicks into it. Which will be awesome, because sometime last week they outgrew their plastic brooding bin and started leaping out, roaming the guest room and pooping all over the floor. We ended up moving them to the screened in porch and they seem much happier there. I can't wait to see how they react to the coop - grass and dirt and dust and bugs! It will be a chicken's dream come true. 


As for the actual chickens, they are now just over three weeks old. They have lots of feathers and a fair amount of attitude. I sent Nathan's mom a photo of them and she thinks we may have  a rooster on our hands, but we're not sure yet. Fingers crossed that she's just a robust and sassy lady like the rest of our hens.

Two chicks relaxing on the porch. Please ignore all the poop and chicken feed scattered around. These ladies have no manners.

The girls are getting fast! This is what most of the photos I take of them look like. Zooming chickens!

Group shot. I love the range of colors they're sporting, from pure white to dark brown. Chickens are not the first bird that comes to mind when you think of beauty, but they should be. 

I have a few more posts up my sleeve for this week, including a recipe and hopefully a finished chicken coop. As for today, I'm going to scrub down the guest room/ex-chicken house, write 1,000 words, and then work a five hour shift at the wine store. Hope you all have a great Tuesday!