Monday, July 02, 2012

Bee Beards and Stormy Weather

I promised myself I would not, under any circumstances, write a post about the fact that it was really hot this weekend. It's been hot everywhere, and there was no reason to remind y'all of our common suffering. But then, on Sunday afternoon, while Nathan was in his shed building a bookshelf and I was holed up inside, reading in front of the AC, he yelled for me to come and look at the bees. A good number of them were outside of the hive, holding on to the front of the box, just kind of sitting there. We were nervous, as we'd recently lost a hive and didn't want to lose a second, so I went back inside and began frantically Googling things like, "why are my bees outside the box?" and "are my bees about to swarm?" and "why is beekeeping so haaaaaaaard?"

Luckily, Google let me know almost instantly that my bees were not about to die or swarm or chase us down the street, stingers brandished. They were simply "bearding" - hanging around outside because it was too hot in the hive and they wanted to cool down. Needless to say, we were relieved to know we were dealing with nothing more serious than sweaty bees and that our hive, at least for now, is healthy and strong. 

In addition to bee scares and hot weather, we also spend the weekend attending a Hammerheads soccer game, after which there was a fireworks display for the Fourth of July. Best part? Hearing one of the two little girls in front of us exclaim, in an awed voice, "These fireworks are amazing!" Yes, little girl. They are.

Sunday evening we packed up some friends, some drinks, and some towels, and headed to the beach, as is our new end-of-the-weekend custom. We like going late on Sunday because most of the tourists have gone home, and we can still get a full and productive day in before getting drunk on the beach. Usually, it works out perfectly. This time, the beach had other plans.

It went from a little cloudy to THAT in about five minutes. Emergency vehicles were driving up and down the beach, telling people that in the next fifteen minutes there would be 70 MPH winds and quarter-sized hail. Everyone around us started packing up and fleeing, but we decided to wait it out. We ended up hanging out for a half an hour, watching the storm roll in and cheering for the lightening on the horizon, while polishing off a bottle of wine. Afterward, our group ate delicious Thai food at a nearby restaurant, and we agreed that it ended up being a pretty awesome beach trip, even though it wasn't quite what we had expected. The best trips usually aren't.