Wednesday, August 01, 2012

One Year Later and Plans

It's August 1st, which means that exactly one year ago today we rolled into Wilmington with a moving truck, no furniture, two restless dogs, and a lot of uncertainty and excitement. Which turned into more uncertainty and a certain amount of dread when we laid eyes on the house whose lease we had already signed, sight unseen, and realized the photos we had been sent were at least ten years old. Oops.

In desperate need of some paint.

Where's the couch?!

Luckily, it was nothing some paint, $300 worth of cleaning supplies, and a whole lot of wine couldn't fix. Today, I love our little rental and - more importantly - I love Wilmington. A year later, this town truly feels like home. We've got a community, we've got friends, we've got love. And, as a bonus, we also have a garden, chickens, an amazing writing program for me and a great paradmedic program for Nathan, and the beach. One year later and we're doing pretty damn well. So thanks, Wilmington. You've been great and I'm looking forward to the next few years. Happy anniversary to us!

Much better.

We live here. We are very lucky.

Besides celebrating our one year anniversary with North Carolina, we have spent the last few weeks deep in wedding planning mode. The shindig is just over three months away, but I wanted to get most of the big stuff done before school starts. Which is in, oh, twenty-two days. Gulp. 

We've gotten most of the major things squared away, so now it's all the little details. Which are minor, and simple, but precisely the kinds of things that keep me up at night. Seating cards! Centerpieces! Signage! Programs! Favors! All the DIY things that I love in theory, but sort of stress me out in real life. Luckily, Nathan is doing his part by building pretty much anything I ask him to, and there's enough time that if we tackle one project a week, we should have all our personal touches ready to go with plenty of time.

As for this week's project? I'll give you a hint.

Our invitations arrived in the mail on Monday, and we've been assembling them and addressing envelopes every evening since. My goal was to get them in the mail on Friday, and we're right on track. I'm so excited to share them on the blog, but I want to wait until everyone who's getting them, gets them, just in case they read my blog and the spoil the surprise. Soon!

As for this morning, it's raining, with some spectacular thunder and lightening. I have a full pot of coffee, invitations to finish, a desk full of work to do, and two dogs who desperately want to go on a walk but must wait for the storm to pass. Better get to it. Here's to a productive Wednesday, and the best August yet.