Sunday, September 16, 2012

BHM Training: Weeks 5, 6, 7

(I'm training for the Battleship Half Marathon and posting weekly training recaps each Sunday.) 

Dear Battleship Half Marathon, 

I haven't forgotten about you. I can understand why you'd think that, considering it's been three weeks since I posted a training update, and my running has been - well - lackluster in the interim. I am, as usual, full of excuses - the start of the semester hit me like a hammer, the YMCA was closed for a week and a half for their annual clean-and-fix-everything-extravaganza, I spent a weekend traveling, which messed up all kinds of routines - but I'm sure you've heard them all before. I won't go back and recap weeks 5 and 6 because honestly, there's not much to report. In my defense, I will say that this last week has been better - I ran four times, clocking in a total of 17 miles - and I promise that from now until the race, I will make sure that I make time for running. For now, I humbly offer this weekly report as a sign of my (re)dedication. 

Monday: 4 miles in 36:34
I got back into town late Sunday night and had a million school related things to catch up on, but it felt good to get a few miles under my belt before the crazy week officially started.

Tuesday: Rest Day 
I am on campus pretty much from 7:30AM until 6:15PM, teaching, grading, holding office hours, meeting with people, and going to my own class. I will probably never exercise on a Tuesday again (at least until this semester is over.) 

Wednesday: 6 miles in 59:06
I was able to keep a decent, consistent pace for this run, despite throwing in a new hill I found and tripping and falling down once. This counts as my long run for the week - I was up to 9 miles, but that was three weeks ago, and I have a thing about easing into distance. Good thing the race is still two months away.

Thursday: Rest Day
Exact same schedule as Tuesday. Sigh. 

Friday: 3 miles in 28:32
Went out to the bar on Thursday night, drank too many beers, and stayed up too late. I almost didn't run at all, but I thought a short spin around the block would make me feel more human. It didn't, but it was a good try.

Saturday: Kettlebell at the YMCA
My beloved 30 minute kettlebell class is now an hour long kettlebell and core class. I approve of this change - if I'm going to drag myself to the gym on a Saturday morning, I'd like it to be worth my while. This was my first kettlebell class in a while and it was very, very hard. I was sore before it even ended.

Sunday: 4 miles in 39:02
I ran one loop around the lake with Mel. We were originally planning to run ten miles, then decided to do two loops, then finally called it at four miles. I was sore from kettlebell and my stomach was upset, so it wasn't the best circumstances. We might try again tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Goal for Week 8: A speed work session, a yoga class (it's been so long!), and a ten mile run. Then maybe I'll feel like I'm back on track.