Monday, October 01, 2012

BHM Training: Week 9

I'm training for the Battleship Half Marathon on 11.04.12 and posting weekly training updates along the way. 

The week started out strong and then fell apart from there. I have come to realize that Sunday mornings are not the ideal time for my long run. I almost always have to be at the wine store for work at 11:30AM, and getting up early enough to run beforehand means my Saturday nights are severely limited - which is a shame, as my social life is also a priority. Starting this week, I'm going to move my long run to Wednesdays, and hope that works out better. 11 miles, I will conquer you yet! 

In other news, I finally registered for the Battleship Half Marathon, a full day before the next price increase. I guess this is actually happening! 

Now, for the weekly training report:

Monday: Yoga
Went to a YMCA class called "Alignment Based Yoga," where we focused on, well, alignment. The class was a little slower then Power Yoga, but forced me to push myself, and I left feeling great. I'm definitely putting this class in my regular rotation. 

Tuesday: Rest 

Wednesday: Speedwork (Total miles: 5) + Upper Body Strength Session
I decided to change things up and do 400m sprints instead of 800s. It was hard, but I was pleased to see that my splits were fairly consistent (until the last one, which is a good sign - it means I had reached my limit!). 
6 x 400m w/400m recovery jogs, with 1 mile warm up and cool down.
Splits: 1:50/7:21, 1:50/7:22, 1:51/7:26, 1:51/7:28, 1:52/7:30, 1:58/7:54.

Finished my run up with a free weight session in my living room, focusing on upper body and abs.

Thursday: Rest 

Friday: Tempo Run (Total miles: 4) + Power Yoga
I dread tempo runs, but after Lauren wrote about incorporating more into her marathon training, I was inspired to push myself. I started with a one mile warm up (10:13) and then ran the next three miles in 8:52, 8:51, and 8:52. Three cheers for killer consistency! Less cheers for the fact that 8:50 is my goal pace for the half marathon, and running three miles at that clip was much harder than it should have been. Yikes.

Saturday: Kettlebell + Core Class
Love this class at the YMCA. It always leaves me exhausted and sore. 

Sunday: Rest 
Stayed out at a birthday party until 2AM, slept in until 9AM, had work at 11:30AM. Hence my realization that Wednesday is really a better day for running long.

Total miles: 9 (missing a long run really brings that total down!)
Yoga: 2
Strength: 2

Goals for this week: 11 miles on Wednesday, maybe drink less beer, and keep up with yoga twice a week - it's been a while since I've gone that often (sadly) and now that I've found some classes that work with my new schedule, I want to keep going to them.