Monday, October 01, 2012

BHM Training: Week 9

I'm training for the Battleship Half Marathon on 11.04.12 and posting weekly training updates along the way. 

The week started out strong and then fell apart from there. I have come to realize that Sunday mornings are not the ideal time for my long run. I almost always have to be at the wine store for work at 11:30AM, and getting up early enough to run beforehand means my Saturday nights are severely limited - which is a shame, as my social life is also a priority. Starting this week, I'm going to move my long run to Wednesdays, and hope that works out better. 11 miles, I will conquer you yet! 

In other news, I finally registered for the Battleship Half Marathon, a full day before the next price increase. I guess this is actually happening! 

Now, for the weekly training report:

Monday: Yoga
Went to a YMCA class called "Alignment Based Yoga," where we focused on, well, alignment. The class was a little slower then Power Yoga, but forced me to push myself, and I left feeling great. I'm definitely putting this class in my regular rotation. 

Tuesday: Rest 

Wednesday: Speedwork (Total miles: 5) + Upper Body Strength Session
I decided to change things up and do 400m sprints instead of 800s. It was hard, but I was pleased to see that my splits were fairly consistent (until the last one, which is a good sign - it means I had reached my limit!). 
6 x 400m w/400m recovery jogs, with 1 mile warm up and cool down.
Splits: 1:50/7:21, 1:50/7:22, 1:51/7:26, 1:51/7:28, 1:52/7:30, 1:58/7:54.

Finished my run up with a free weight session in my living room, focusing on upper body and abs.

Thursday: Rest 

Friday: Tempo Run (Total miles: 4) + Power Yoga
I dread tempo runs, but after Lauren wrote about incorporating more into her marathon training, I was inspired to push myself. I started with a one mile warm up (10:13) and then ran the next three miles in 8:52, 8:51, and 8:52. Three cheers for killer consistency! Less cheers for the fact that 8:50 is my goal pace for the half marathon, and running three miles at that clip was much harder than it should have been. Yikes.

Saturday: Kettlebell + Core Class
Love this class at the YMCA. It always leaves me exhausted and sore. 

Sunday: Rest 
Stayed out at a birthday party until 2AM, slept in until 9AM, had work at 11:30AM. Hence my realization that Wednesday is really a better day for running long.

Total miles: 9 (missing a long run really brings that total down!)
Yoga: 2
Strength: 2

Goals for this week: 11 miles on Wednesday, maybe drink less beer, and keep up with yoga twice a week - it's been a while since I've gone that often (sadly) and now that I've found some classes that work with my new schedule, I want to keep going to them.


  1. Long run issues aside, you had another great week! I admire your dedication to speedwork and strength training--that should definitely pay off when race day rolls around.

    (I gotta start lifting...I admit, reading about all your kettlebelling makes me feel guilty that all I seem to do these days is run and bike. Maybe this will be the week I finally pick up a weight at the gym...)

  2. I hope moving your long runs to Wednesdays works out better for you. Nice job of getting in the yoga and other cross-training this past week!

  3. I just found your blog through a certain forum we all know... I like it and will keep coming! (we have similar marathon PRs, so there's a bond already) =P

    1. Awesome, and welcome! I've been slowly working my way through the blogs that popped up on that thread, too. Excited to have some new ones to follow, including yours! :)

  4. I just realized: If I paper our house with Ryan Gosling Hey Girl motivationals, John and I might actually get more done. Seriously. I think we could! Bathroom mirror: "Hey Girl, Take a Shower. Make Time. Do It."

  5. so I am a GOMI lurker (are you supposed to admit to this?), and I found your blog through some thread there, and now I am slightly obsessed with the fact that you're a fellow writer (in a non-creepy manner, I think). Also, you've just reminded me I really need to do more yoga, so thanks for that!

    1. Hi Hannah! Welcome! I checked out your blog and am excited to see a fellow writer on the 'nets too. Let me know when you start applying to MFA programs - I have much information to share. :)

  6. Missing the long run really does bring the mileage total down. You still did better than me most weeks. I'm just getting back into the swing of things. Reading this makes me feel bad for being a slacker. I don't have school. I don't have a job. I don't have dogs to take care of. I just have myself to deal with.

    1. Sometimes the self is the hardest obstacle. I've been there before, so I know it's true! Good luck getting back into the swing of things - you'll be kicking ass again before you know it.