Monday, October 08, 2012

Kayaks and An Egg

Operation Balance is going well. I had a restful, relaxing, and fun weekend, and now it's Monday and (thanks to fall break) I have another two days in which to write, grade papers, and get ahead in class planning and reading. I wrote a few pages this morning and just got back from a yoga class. Later, after I get some work done, I'm going to go for a short run, and I'll probably spend the evening making something warm for dinner, baking banana bread, and drinking wine. It's been a good day already, and it keeps getting better.

But first: the weekend. Saturday was the highlight - we finally took out the kayaks we couldn't afford in the first place and, though I'm no kayaking expert, I can say with confidence that they were worth the splurge. We paddled out to Masonboro Island (about a twenty minute trip) and hung out on the beach with some friends, drinking beers and enjoying the warm weather, until the sun started to go down. We ended up paddling back almost completely in the dark, and quickly realized that we need to either get some lights, or plan our trips better. Lesson learned. In the meantime, catching a sunset on the water is simply blissful.

This weekend, Wilmington is celebrating River Fest. Think greasy food vendors (funnel cake... mmm), a stage filled with a rotating cast of cloggers, tap dancers, and other local talent, and an evening of bands and beer tents. We only made it down for the Journey cover band, and it was just as ridiculous as I hoped. Tons of drunk people, dancing and yelling and waving their hands in the air and just really, really believing. They didn't stop. Ever. It was wonderful.

Sunday was spent deep cleaning the house (I started, Nathan finished) and grading papers while working at the wine shop. In the evening, we hosted a small potluck for all the stalwarts who did not flee town for fall break, and that was nice too. While we were eating our delicious dinner (almost everything was vegan and gluten free - our MFA program has all the best food allergies) and playing an intense game of Scattergories, a storm rolled through and left behind our first bit of cool, crisp weather. Hello, fall. It's about time. 

This morning was perhaps even more exciting than potlucks, kayaks, cover bands, and Scattergories combined. While I was outside, I opened the upstairs of the chicken coop to check on the ladies, and in the middle of the floor was one big, brown, perfect egg. For a second I thought Nathan had played a trick on me, because they are not officially "of age" until Wednesday, but after counting the eggs in our fridge, I realized none were missing and this was indeed OUR VERY FIRST EGG! Well done, chickens. I'm so proud of you!

All in all, it was a good weekend and I'm already feeling a little more sane, a little more balanced, and a little more ready to tackle the rest of this semester. It's a good feeling.

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