Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Garden Fail

I'm sensing a theme for the latter half of 2012: Things I Planned To Do And Didn't. Getting married in the middle of an intense graduate program will do that to you. 

One of my big plans was to get a rocking fall garden in the ground before it got too cold. Well, it's nearly December (!) and all we've managed to plant is six transplants of collard greens (which are thriving!) and three Brussels sprouts (which are... alive. For now.)  So much for the broccoli, the carrots, the sweet potatoes, the onions, and the spinach. On the bright side, I can use the seeds next year, and I can start planning our spring garden now, so I don't miss that narrow window yet again. 

Good thing we really like collard greens...

In other homestead news, the chickens are doing well. We are averaging about two eggs a day, and have had plenty of adventures in Weird Egg Happenings. Lots of double yolks, which isn't too uncommon (apparently, it takes the chickens a few weeks to sort out this whole egg laying business, during which they lay a lot of "experimental" eggs). I've seen double yolks before, but earlier this week I cracked in egg into a skillet and saw something that definitely surprised me.

Triplets! The egg was larger than the others, so I expected more than one yolk, but three was definitely unexpected. Obviously I took a photo and immediately sent it to Nathan, who was just as impressed as me. Those crazy chickens!

We're actually thinking of building another, larger coop, so the ladies have more room and so that we can add a few new girls to the flock in the spring. Nathan got his hands on some free wood, and now that we've been using our current coop for a few months, we have ideas on how to improve it. But that's still a ways off - right now, we're just trying to finish out the semester, catch up on sleep, and find new recipes for eggs and collard greens. Our homesteading is off to a slow start, but at least it's a start.

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  1. A triple yolk? Holy crazy! I feel ya on the winter garden thing...mine's definitely a bust. Haven't even managed to get the garlic in the ground yet :/

  2. That is one productive hen: talk about efficiency! Hey, be glad you still have a veg garden. We blame a huge branch falling on ours a while back but really we have just been too lazy to get one going again. We are lucky our butterfly garden thrives on its own.

  3. I love hearing stories about your chickens :)

  4. I love your stories and pictures. We live in the city but our backyard is like a farm. We have 3 chickens and a nice productive garden at the back of the yard. I bought one of those expensive rain barrels that catches rain from the garage. I also have a plastic barrel that my husband put a faucet in the bottom. It came from the car wash in town and it still have pink soap in it so we use it for cleaning lawn mowers and tables. I like your idea of putting it close to the raised beds though.

    I have a small green house for the seedlings that I'll have to learn more about soon. I killed 72 tomato seedlings a few weeks ago by leaving them out there all night but it was surprisingly warm in there yesterday when I removed a flat of cauliflower that I was experimenting with.

    Thanks for the blog.